Ear Catching!

in his video today, Paul notes that the PSA MarkII is one of the 2-3 best DACs available regardless of price


wow, equal or better to MSB, MBL, dCS, Esoteric, Holo, Gryphon, Block, etc

A-B tests that would be a pleasure to do or hear about


I am certain he’s listened to every one of them for extended listening sessions to make this assertion. :thinking:

I personally listened to a Bartók for many weeks before making the jump to it.


your ears will have a direct comparison!

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I would enjoy watching comparison videos of Paul listening to all of these DAC’s. Maybe some photos of the gear in one of his listening rooms as well. We all know how he likes to video.


Nothing wrong with pride followed by hyperbole. We’re all “adults” on this bus; we recognize hyperbole when we step in it.


And as end users we are as full of hyperbole describing our equipment choices as any manufacturer.



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I’m a bit in the “ant farts” and psycho-acoustics camp today.

Is the dac in GCD at least in top 5 overall?

you funny

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I’m still enjoying my MK1. And it’s an 8 year old design ! Paul and his team have every good reason to throw Hyperbole around and be proud of what they created.

If only I could afford the upgrade :worried:



I think you’re basically right, but it might be hard to find even just a few manufacturers who really say something like this, too. Similar, but rarely to this extent. Will be hard for the TSS to reach more :wink:

This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no other brand produced by any other brewer that costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive Beechwood Aging process produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkablity that you will find in no other beer at any price.

Edit: A great debate would be which is closer to true.


I would say what you cited can well be true, it’s no quality ranking, it’s just a description of the uniqueness of taste, which doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best. Sure, there are also claims like “there’s no,other…” which are surely unproven, but they don’t say it’s the best beer (or ne of the three) on the planet…and even if they would, food is known as a matter of taste, so such statements in those cases are rather understood with a certain wink. I’d say that’s a bit different when such statements are made for technical products like cars or amps or DAC’s, there it’s rather understood as a bit over motivated if without concrete background :wink:

Based on today’s comments, clearly the TSS will be the best DAC on earth no matter the cost.

I run all audiophile opinions and pronouncements through an aggressive filter knocking out at least 80% of the statement.

Note, all negative hyperbole is subjected to the same filter. Negative statements are often even more ridiculous and over-arching than the positive. The negative speaker often has an axe to grind, repeats and repeats, spreads negativity in unrelated threads/topics, and beats the dead horse until there is no sign of the horse whatsoever.


Exactly…I definitely quite all of the time just enjoy (and partly comment like today) statements with a slight shake of the head (I mean the original, strange ones, not the following pos. or neg.) than to get upset or negatively involved about them somehow. So from time to time, there’s probably a moment for some incl. me not just to ignore them (still not negatively driven from my side at least but with a wink)…most initial statements by the way are probably from start not meant to be ignored I’d say (uncontradictedly consumed maybe) :wink:

I still love the MKI with Bridge II on board. With 3M RF absorption, and upgraded transformers, it still does its magic in my system. If I ever upgrade, I would only go for a single box DAC-Streamer. Rather than ditching the MKI, I upgraded my interconnects, and power cables which elevated SQ of both analogue and digital. Down the road, I would upgrade speaker cables, and probably loudspeakers. Sometimes being the laggard has its benefits!


Do I smell click bait??