Was Upcoming DS release - Now Windom has been released

“Paulo…? He broke the President!!..”

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This could be the answer for the Great Load Problem. If Ted can code the Question, “Why does the Porridgebird lay his eggs in the air?” we can feed it to the FPGA to clear the memory prior to a new load.

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As soon as we get shoes for the dead this may all clear up.

Sorry, maybe, to continue to derail this thread. :slight_smile:

In this case, its Industry that need the shoes ; )

@tedsmith - would it be helpful (or even possible) to build in the capability to do a memory dump wherein when someone does have an issue, the dump file could be examined to see where the differences are compared to what it should be? Would the dump file simply be too large?

Yes I did read it. I am pointing out that you have no first hand experience yet you persist in railing about what should be done. Since you have on fist hand info you are just a pot stirrer without a dog in the fight. I was subtlety pointing out that you have nothing valuable do add to this subject. The point is “you don’t have a dog in the fight”. It would be far better if the people with real knowledge discuss this for themselves and you refrain from appointing yourself their advocate.


I posted my impression here:

Memory dumps are a tool that’s available - I don’t know if it dumps all of flash ram, but there’s no reason in principle it couldn’t.

As 70 fast approaches, I’m ever more concerned about memory dumps…


Yale worked for me on my DSJr

I have a great scatological rejoinder to this, but I’ll refrain from posting it so as to keep our little universe civil. :rofl:


I too exercised immense restraint.


But I do have a dog in this fight…me!! Just because I have not experienced this problem first hand does not mean it will not rear its ugly head and bite me at the next upgrade. Plus, I have been here and read all of the posts about people having problems with no clear cut way to solve them. It’s a bunch of “hocus pocus” for them with trying to find the magic incantation that will allow them to proceed with the latest release.

Nor do you get to tell me what I can or cannot do…


You are quite right that I don’t get to tell you what to do. But I do get to tell you that you are in my opinion not trying to be helpful, you do not have a problem so chime in when you do or be thought to be a troll !!

I am certainly trying to get Paul to recognize the magnitude of the problem and address it so this craziness does not happen any more. I do not want it happening to me or anyone else!!

Think me a troll if that is your inclination…I really don’t care.

Ron…Don’t forget to keep a change of drawers handy for those memory lapses…:rofl:

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There is a handy ignore user option in the system preferences. I quite like how it works to squash those I find less than helpful or worse :wink:

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@tedsmith, Is it possible to create a utility that would wipe the memory? Something like a DOD spec scrub, I’ve used in the military, that writes a series of 0’s and then 1’s multiple times when a PC hard drive is discarded. Prevents data from being retrieved if done on 100% of the drive “x” amount of times. In essence…resetting the memory/storage to a known state and helps prep for a new load. Might add…it took considerable time to do so.

When a programmer is assigned to look at the bug they will have many tools at their disposal. Clearing all of memory will wipe out all of your settings including your serial number, any Bridge settings like an IP address, etc. My hypothesis is that it’s the handling of these settings that’s messed up, but that’ only a hypothesis.


Wiping the serial number is not what PSA wants…LOL. I, personally, don’t see a problem with having to redo the bridge settings, but can understand the issues it may create. I haven’t encountered the load problem but just thinking out loud. Thanks for the reply, insight and all your efforts.

@Paul, if you are near Burlington, Vermont and want to enjoy a frosty Green Mountain micro :beer: with the Vermont Chapter of the PS Audio Appreciation Society, please shoot me a PM. I might be able to arrange a Chapter meeting on short notice, and we would be honored to host you!