Direcstream display

Is there a way to display what is playing on your TV?

This made me laugh so hard when I first read it. I thought you were asking to display your TV programs on the display of the DAC.

Getting the DAC display from the DAC on to your TV is actually a good suggestion. The problem is that there is no video out option on the DAC that would allow your TV to see it.

I was confused too :slight_smile:

There are however players and controller programs that can do it depending on your system. For example if the TV can be a monitor for your computer you could run JRiver in it’s Theater view on the TV. If you are using other players similar options may be available.

Is there a way to build it into a new bridge? my system is done on Ethernet (Wi-Fi) from one room to another, so no computer near my system.

Not really. The Bridge does not contain the hardware to process video.

I realize that, I’m just saying can a Bridge be built to have double duty( Video/Ethernet) have 2 connections since I’m not going to be buying a new direcstream any time soon.

What do you think Ted?

PS Audio created the Bridge (with outside help). It is not a Ted project.

It would be a very bad idea to combine audio and video in the Bridge as one does not want video anywhere near an audio circuit. I expect the interest to be very low in any event.

“Build a field, they will come.”

No one wants to canoe in the middle of a field; it does not work well and there is little interest. :slight_smile:

I suggest exploring Ted’s suggestion.

Says you…

I think it would be an unneccesary feature for a high end audio component. Adding video capabiliity adds cost, as well as non audio related component parts. Like all feature requests, people have different likes and wants. My Oppo UDP can show album art on the TV, and I’m hoping Roon develops an apple tv app to do the same.

How much canoeing do you see going on in the middle of fields? :grin:

As I previously mentioned, the much bigger problem is combining video and audio, not to mention the cost and complexity for what is intended as a high-end audio input.

I understand and appreciate you think this is a good idea. I simply disagree and have explained why.

I mean a thumbnail to see whats playing, not a moving video.

Handy (but unneccessary😀) feature, —-adds parts to the component.