WaveStream Tread - Where did it go?

Are we done with the WaveStream/Announcement thread/topic? Not that it was getting any of us anywhere…but, it was fun to read the back & forth.

Nuts. Didn’t we loose a thread or two another time recently?

There are a number of us that have the ability to edit and delete posts and threads, but it always has seemed that very little of either was going on. There was no reason I know of to delete this thread.


P.S. Your clean eLyric uninstall/install post was invaluable and a true loss. :frowning:

Anyone know the thread title?

I can look for it.

If it is a thread that you started then you can see all your posts by clicking on your nic-name and then “discussions”.

The only one I see had a last post Oct 21 by Paul that a new vwrsion was due “Monday”. is that the thread?

It may be time for a new one anyway. The Beta one is still there.

If a thread gets unannounced by lack of regular attention it goes down the page but is still there on the back pages.

@gordon It was hardly my thread. Wasn’t it at the Announcement or Topic level?

Wow! It’s back!

Gordon, if you are responsible, well done!

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