WaveStream Update

PS Audio has retained a third-party group to program a new version of WaveStream. They have almost completed versions for both Mac and Windows, but are working out some details.

We expect there to be new versions for PSA and then Beta to test within the next month.

This is all. Discuss among yourselves. :slight_smile:

How long is a month in programmer time?

Woo hoo!! So much good news!

radioclash said: How long is a month in programmer time?

A legitimate question, given past history.

The current bunch has exhibited excellent communication and have met their stated promises. While this is no guarantee of future performance (read the prospectus), it is a promising indication.

Cross your fingers, but keep your powercords and interconnects separated.
radioclash said: How long is a month in programmer time?

Multiply by two and increase the measurement unit (e.g. 1 hour -> 2 days)

hey, these guys are Canadians.

Canadians always pull out on time, well almost always.

good news

Looking forward to seeing and hearing the fruits of their labors… and glad Paul & Co made the call to go with these guys.

@gordon French Canadians?

Could be from Toronto or Vancouver, where there are vibrant startup communities and companies there. I thought French Canadian software engineers usually work for video game companies. :stuck_out_tongue:


English speaking but about 12km from my house.

I have not spoken with them for a year or so and don’t want to bug them unless El Heffe sends me in there.

Once they get a working set that PSA feels is ready for Beta, Im sure we will get it quick.

No need to distract from DS right now unless it is 90% tweaked.

I think you should go over there, well-laden with junk food and caffeine, and keep them fueled until they crank it out. :slight_smile:

Seriously - you are quite right though about the 90% part.

Go-on Gordon a friendly road trip, see how things are going and report back. I have only 86 days left in my evaluation copy of WaveStream, it came with 200 on win8!

Be great if others could get into WS too



Gordon, I suggest “unannouncing” this thread at this point and letting it sink as there is no new information and nothing to announce at this point.

I would do it, but no longer have the ability.