WBT Banana Plugs on M700. Do they fit properly?


Just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who are using the WBT Banana Plugs on their M700 Amps. Do they fit properly given that the WBT banana plug has that extra plastic rod on it?


I believe the extra plastic piece is an EU requirement/safety feature to prevent someone from accidentally plugging the speaker lead into an electrical outlet. The plastic rod needs to be removed in order to use the banana plug for its intended purpose. Maybe some of our European members could offer some further insight.

Edit: This is from the FAQ section of their website:

Question: What is the extra pin for on the WBT-0645? Will it get in the way of my posts?
Answer: The extra pin is for CE compliance in Europe. If needed, it can be removed easily.

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I had to remove the plastic lugs to fit my power amp and speakers. However, I find that the plugs easily work loose and often pull out if you just catch the cable. Not a great design imho.

That’s odd Steve as WBTs are locking banana plugs. Once you insert hem and screw down the threaded end, they should be ‘locked’ in place.


All mine slacken off before long.

M700 binding posts were impressively firm with AQ 1000 banana plugs. They’re not cheap, but good connectors help one realise their investment in cables, methinks!

I have a Meridian amp and Dynaudio speakers that came with great quality WBT binding posts.