We also love cars


Well I suppose that is true. I guess she finds me irresistible.

But we only have seven. As opposed to our good friends expecting their thirteenth.


Children are a lot of work but there is absolutely NOTHING more rewarding in life. Congrats on a big family. I am at 5 kids so far. So you win!!! Life is about what you give and not what you take or get.


5? Congratulations. That’s fantastic. God Bless.


I have 5 cats… :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! That is a lot of cats. So… how many cats must one own in order to become the talk of the neighborhood? :wink:


5 apparently. LOL


:smile: Indeed.


We have two, so it’s three.


I lived with seven cats at one point. The social dynamic of a group of cats is fascinating.

The neighbors already had much more to to talk about other than the clowder.


Here are my Blue Jean cables - (2) 1150watt Brax amps w/ 2F caps per amp and Blue Jean cables that connect the Pioneer Stage 4 head unit to the amps in my 32 Deuce. I like those RCA cables, very low capacitance for long runs…

PS BHK 300 monoblocks in the house!

All that exposed metal on those speaker binding posts…I just think they could have thought of something better than that.


2 farad caps? Wow, them’s some big caps!


I used to compete in car audio back in the late 80s and early 90s. My car was the top points leader in a Western Canada in my power division 501-1000 watt class.
Soundstream, Denon, Audio Control, MB-Quart components and speakers back in the day!
Thanks for reviving some memories.


Yeah, there is a circuit included too… I chose a 175A Mechman alternator and a very deep cycle Northstar battery w/ 2aught wire for power. As with home stereo, power is important. Most use 2nd battery for stereo. I just looked at it as not having the room and a related rates math problem with energy movement. Using 01aught cable from Mechaman alternator to battery, then 02 aught to amps from battery.


Brax amps and (8) Brax Matrix cab speakers w/ dual JBL 10in subs in trunk. I am controlling w/ DSP under seat connected to laptop through USB. It was fun designing and implementing. I did all the stereo installation. The amp board is two oak boards biscuitted together, shape around the caps and routed, then ebony stained. I used VISIO to model the installation. This deuce has 300lbs of dynamat. The speaker wires are 5,000 strand speaker cable (~8gauge). I have a remote control for shows and load all my music into micro usb (5 for different types of music).


Thanks again! Trying to make out what the car is in your avatar?

System Photos!

It’s a 2016 Z06 Corvette. A really nice old mans hot rod :sunglasses:


Baldy has a 2016 Corvette Z06.
(A brief answer trying to keep this from turning into yet another car thread.)


@Elk Its interesting how many high performance stereos and cars share the same dwelling.


I have a few cars and bikes too…Ferrari Boxer and a '56 racing XK140