We also love cars


I have noticed only a few, but these few post a lot about their cars.


Good taste!


Just trying to gauge, what’s the opinion of the members here on the BMW X6? It seems like one of those hate it or love it designs. Anyone own one?


I have owned many cars; BMW is my least favorite car out of all the cars I have reviewed, sat in driven… Don’t like the cabin layout, the cabin equipment functionality, performance, styling, sound, look, feel… It would be on the hate side. I will take an MB or Toyota Prius over any BMW car. Full disclosure: I have owned (2) MB. Also, I own a RR Evoque… NFW I would ever buy a BMW SUV… just on the styling rational. Now performance - well lets just say my wife would rather own a Prius than the BMW SUV… OK, guilty… hater… :weary:


Got it…you don’t like BMWs. I do.


All good, the reason there are so many cars out there… :slight_smile:
Forgot: hate not dislike… would be a better word… since the second I sat in one years ago…


If the size and utility works enough to compel you to own one, then do it. They drive great, like any BMW. I just can’t look at the thing.
On the far side of the spectrum, a friend bought a new M2. Three pedals and an absolute blast to drive.


They drive great! The roofline is too sloped for me as I am tall. Perhaps only the Cayenne is more sporty. Give it a test drive.


IMO the first generation X6 pulled the design off better than the current one. I had a buddy with the M version and it seem to defy physics the way it handled and accelerated. I agree that it is a polarizing design. I had a 2014 X5 diesel M sport that seated 7 (albeit kiddy seats in the back) that was one of the best vehicles I’ve owned. Handled great, comfortable, and had amazing range (34 mpg hwy) with very usable power.


They make a great motorcycle…well LOTS of great motorcycles.

Things tend to be breezy in the back seat, but the headroom is pretty much unlimited. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Did you sit in the back? I’ve read about the limited head room (I’m 6’-3" but would never sit in the back), difficulty getting out and seeing out the back (this one is obviously a big deal). However, saying all that, I think they look fantastic: my wife hates the look. The car is for me and I don’t mind a polarizing design, I like it that much. I found a 2016 with all the colors and accessories I like for a good price. I do need to drive it. Thanks all for your opinions.


I didn’t sit in the back. For me, it’s the roofline in the front and the sight lines. I’d never get one but the Tesla X is amazing for tall people in that the roof is all glass. It feels so open. These days so very few cars are built for people over 6’3”.


Variety is the spice of life! So many choices and a flavor for everyone. Interesting on the system pic thread there is product overlap (stands to reason since there are a lot of PS Audio fanboys here) but not one system is identical to another. I know you are a Corvette lover (I owned a C6 for seven years) but went another direction for my fair weather ride this time. Ordered this one from the factory and the only option I would not order again is the upgraded Burmester audio system. Never use it, the car on it’s own makes plenty of music.


I will never own a minivan or SUV. Soul-sucking dream killers.


But, other than that, what do you think?


I’m just curious about the forum rules regarding quotes?


Elk hates them and will remove them with a religious zeal…oh wait.


I was thinking about this today when my neighbor drove up in his. I’m not a fan because it seems too high but then I’m only 5’8". Maybe Mr 6’3" would find it better proportioned.


I get that it’s weird looking but man I like it. If it’s still for sale when I get back from my NOLA trip this week, gonna take the drive to the dealer and check it out in person. I’m rarely so smitten with the look of a car. Dark gray with a white/black interior.


Is it a V6 or 8? My primary quibble with the F15/16 series is the steering and road feel. The drive by wire is a bit numb for my taste. Check it out and see what you think.