We also love cars

I expect collectors would think of it as toast.

This is an old shot in my garage, when I had both a Porsche 996 and Corvette Z06!


I loved the sound and feel of my '04 996.

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For a while, I had some Porsche GT3 seats installed in the Z06.
Just incredible seats compared to the “marshmellow” OEM seats that come standard in the car.
Plus the leather was so nice and subtle, compared to the paper like feel of the GM leather seats.
Before selling the Z06, I put back the new seats (looked like the car was never sat in)…


Good supportive seats which lock one into place, together with proper harness make a tremendous difference.


this owner has dozens of Porsches (start about 4 minutes into video), including Porsche tractors

that’s why it took forever for me to find one :upside_down_face:


Thinking back on some of the car stereo projects I did to improve the factory stereos in my cars…

Corvette Z06 -
Since I hated the crappy Bose OEM stereo, tore out the cheap paper drivers in the doors and replaced with Dynaudio separate drivers and Dynaudio crossovers (plus Dynomat deadening material in the doors).
Also swapped in a Kenwood head unit.
Made a word of difference!

Porsche Turbo TTS

**Only thing I did to improve the audio in the Burmeister stereo, was **

- Swap out the dash tweeters with expensive Focal tweeters

- Disconnect the center dash speaker,

- Plug in an Apple Classic Ipod with my HiResolution Music Files.

You swapped out the steering wheel also.

Yes - the Porsche TTS also got :

  • Carbon fiber/leather Steering Wheel
  • GT3 side skirts
  • Carbon fiber air intakes
  • Embossed center console
  • Tinted rear tail lights
  • Steel mesh front radiator grills
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This is an audio forum, so…

For those of you with fairly current Porsches, did you upgrade the audio system? If so, what did you do?

Musicar seems pretty much plug and play, and you can do it in stages. Tweeters, Amp, All Drivers, etc…

The full monty is fairly expensive (around $6-7K), but we spend that much on a home-audio DAC that might provide only incremental improvement! Seems like spending that for a transformative experience in the car isn’t too far out of line.

I wouldn’t argue that this is not weird but even in my daily driver, I rarely turn the radio on.
I’ve owned my 1983 911 for 40 years and I might have turned it on twice.
And my new Audi S4 came with a Bang and Olufsen sound system. I did check it out using Sirius and the Miles Davis channel. Ugh, the exhaust sounds so much better.


Yeah, i get that a lot. The sound of the car itself while rowing through the gears is great.

But for long highway drives, I do like music.

(to your other point, yep, SiriusXM’s signal is so compressed. I can see why you turned that off. But a CD in my Audi SQ5’s B&O system sounds pretty good.)

I was surprised that there’s no CD player.

in your S4? Yeah, I love that there is one in my Audi. And the 911 still has one.

I will admit, I don’t always bring a mess of CDs with me, but occasionally. And on the drive back from the record shop (still buy CD’s) it’s kinda fun to toss em in the player.

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My 69 S has an AM/FM Blaupunkt. my 78 SC has a Pioneer am/fm/cassette with ADS speakers, my 17 R8+ has a BO with hard disk and SD card drives and my 18 TTRS BO with SD card drives but (as far as I can remember) no hard disk.

The old Esprit Turbo had a CD player which I used a lot since the exhaust note was uninspiring.

I listen to music when it rains. Rest of the time, windows down enjoying the exhaust notes!

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While I understand the desire to upgrade the audio system in a car, I find all music playing systems in cars to be adequate. Once the car is moving, there’s so much background noise that the system makes little difference to me if I choose to listen to music, which is rare.


We rigged my dad’s old Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham land yatch with an Alpine system with separate speakers, 2 eq and 6 amps. Back then there was no dynamat but we had sprayed the floors and inside the doors with undercoating.

That thing was a concert hall on wheels. It was not particularly good for pop/rock but it was superb for classical and jazz.

He rode in style and at 9 MPG with its 500ci beast.

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yeah, totally depends on the car.

My miata? No way I’d bother with the stereo. In THAT car, I have not turned on the radio in two years.

But the Audi (and maybe to a lesser extent the Porsche) I will say they are actually pretty quiet at freeway speeds. (Porsche has a seventh gear so the engine hums along at 2000 RPM at 75 MPH.)

I did upgrade my BMW’s speakers with the Bavsound drivers, and that made a nice (but not mind-blowing difference)…

I get used to a nice system at home, so I just want it to sound not like total crap in the car.

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And one’s tolerances.

My BMW 840 is very quiet as far as cars go, but even then I have no interest in trying to listen to music, too much is lost.

I am certain a good part of this is I listen almost exclusively to classical.

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