We also love cars

Now “The Spirit of Radio” is buzzing thru my head

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Not “Red Barchetta”?

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Just got the Deuce in the new garage this morning…


I don’t remember the specs of your Deuce.
Steel? Chassis, etc?

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Fiber Glass body - Dart block (350); 383 stroker ~ TBS blower; dual quad 750 Quick Fuel; TCI 700R4 trans… just a fun car to mess around with… going FiTech EFI with low profile air plenum to get the engine cover to close. I redesigned the cooling system; had fun with that, just nice to have my son’s car back in the garage.


Dart heads?
Keeping the blower with the efi? Tuning with a laptop is great.

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since you asked… yes on the TBS blower w/ EFI… I have all the parts to convert to EFI, just need the time and garage. Now I have the garage, need to carve out the time. First, I want to just get her running nice w/ dual quad, then convert. Have not run it in a year so that will take a little time.


At Al’s shop, pulling numbers:

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I love to watch the Pro Modified drag racers. There is always some whiz kid with the laptop getting every single ounce of performance out of the car while the money man or a hired gun drives the beast. They are really fun to watch on 10.5" tires.

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Ugh. Let’s not talk about how an EV battery releases 10X more CO2 into the atmosphere than driving a gas car in a year.
You have to drive the EV about 100,000 km just to break-even with CO2 emissions from a gas car!
Don’t believe me?
Source is the World Economic Forum:

We had an early Tesla Model S my father gave us (when he bought another one). Sold it and bought a 1955 TR2 for not that much less than I got for the Tesla. Now that’s driving! The Triumph is way more fun.

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Oops, thought I was in the midst of Tesla discussion. Never mind

Electric can have shocking performance, but also shocking limitations. Presented properly, all is well as the user isn’t surprised. The in use envelope is big enough to fit in-use user’s needs so why not have them?

For me the cost and use envelope is still too small and too expensive. Things can change and alternative (not just batteries) energy storage methods can further shrink the existing overlap of performance and range. I see no good reason to get in the way of that technical progression. This also means electric, or even the batteries tech, SHOULD NOT be artificially favored as “the only” choice for alternative transportation. Winners pick themselves far better than we look ahead and “see the light” through the darkness of tech. No, we don’t see in the dark.

For me, and right now, I chose what is still the best for my needs and budget. Next time the choice will be harder to see. That’s called progress.


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Finally autocrossed the MX5 this past weekend. Astounding how different the experience is in this vs the 2004 VW R32 I sold to get it. The R32 is a great car, and I autocrossed it a few times last year. But it’s much heavier. This is like a paper airplane compared to it. I’m not super competitive, but it was great fun improving my time over the course of the day.

But the funny thing? I’m not addicted. It was fun, yeah, and I might do it again. But I’m not chomping at the bit.

I sold the R32 to get this car to DO THIS. But I prefer driving this on back roads more than around cones. So, do I regret selling the cultish MKIV VW to get this car? No way. I absolutely love it.


Totally agree. I think carmakers will have a somewhat rude awakening over the next few years, when EV sales are much lower than forecast (despite all the subsidies).

I love to drive long distance. I don’t want my 500 mile trip length increased by ~50% because I have to recharge every 2-3 hours.

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