We are like electronic components?

…interesting read

Impairs Electrical Storage Potential of Your Cells

Nutrition and biochemistry are clearly important to your health, but so is your body’s electrical system. All our membranes are made of fats that are insulators and connected through a conductor. This arrangement sets up a biological capacitor to store electrons — but only if the fats are healthy.

If you consume damaged fats, or worse, heated and hydrogenated oils, the fatty acids in the cell membrane essentially become nonfunctional and unable to store body voltage, thus increasing the risk for disease. This is one of many reasons why it is so vital to eat healthy fats.


We are electrical critters to be sure.

But read Dr. Mercola’s comments with great skepticism. He has been ordered by the FDA to stop making unsubstantiated illegal claims about his products, as well as been the subject of disciplinary actions, etc. This is not science. It is a sales brochure.


Thanks for pointing that out.

Go ahead… You read him with great skepticism.

I found out he is saying many things we need to know. I once refused to heed his advice and found myself right where he said I could end up. You, read him with skepticism. If you want. Skeptics also say that speaker polarity and power cords are a joke. They say audiophile fuses are quackery. Go ahead. Its not my loss. I have seen the benefits.

You are very welcome to believe what you will, and I am pleased you are happy. I am just warning others.

But, more importantly, does Mr. Mercola take a position on speaker polarity, power cords, and fuses? :slight_smile: