Weird notifications

Thanks James.
My “issue” is that I get the little blue numbers next to my picture that indicate someone replied to a comment. They’ve led me to comments that are often years old.
I have no issue with emails, but it looks like others do.
As far as I’m concerned, my issue is not a big deal.

All seems to be back to normal.
I don’t know if it was fixed at The Mother Ship and if so, thanks.
Or maybe sun spots.

I love this. Not sure if I’ve told the story here before. That last third of my US Air Force service was in an Air Guard combat communications unit. Lots of communication systems to support a forward deployed air wing. Much of our stuff never worked correctly. Over designed, poor training, bad set-up/configuration, a dumb engineer (me), lots of reasons. When a wing commander type complained during exercises, our favorite excuse was always “sun spots.” It worked, up to a point.


Did the wing commander use a Sun block to prevent spots?