Weird notifications

Anybody else getting old or repetitive notifications lately?
For example notifications of “badges earned” or very old replies, etc?
Something in my notifications process has changed.


Nothing strange here but you might try clearing the cache. That seems to fix browser oddities here.


Yes. I’m getting them also.

No. Not yet.

Yes, it happened to me too. It only happened once a few days ago.

I checked things on my profile to make sure everything was ok. Nothing was amiss, so I chalked it up to maybe something related to a new version of forum software or something like that.

Yes, I’m not concerned if I feel their from PSA.

But, I would be upset if you stopped gracing the forum.

I got a notification to check my email address saying the emails they sent to me, bounced back that my address doesn’t exist. Told me to add their address to contacts.

I received a notification about my car’s extended warranty :wink:


I got nothing! :dotted_line_face:

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No notifications here.

Potentially a Discourse defect.


I continue to get notifications that are just random and strange. Today there have been some from 2019, 2021.
They present no real problem for me, but I’d love to know what’s changed.

On the serious side, I now receive delayed emails regarding replies to my comments, typically hours or even a day later.

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Me too…

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On the forums? If that’s so, let me know and I’ll reach out to the admins.

Notifications on the forum regarding comments on the forum appear right away. The email notifications regarding those comments are time delayed hours to a day

I just got this notification:

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Just got with one of the web guys for a little and there is some speculating going on. No clear understanding why old email notifications are happening for threads that happened years ago.

Anyway, he asked me to mention if people want an email for everything, (when you’re replied to, quoted, etc.) there is an option within preferences for this. Yours may look a little different but the preference for this option will still be there.