Welcome with Open Arms

Paul repeatedly say in his videos that anyone can drop by PSA and listen to their sound rooms
anytime whether you are a PSA gear owner or not. I wish I can take him up on his offer someday.
Unfortunately, I live way up North in Canada. I remember when I was just starting out my HiFi
journey during my teen years. I dropped by the Bryston factory and they were gracious enough
to give a pimple face teenager a tour. I remembered rows of amps hooked up and being burned
in. As I was leaving, I was given a souvenir, a Bryston 4B faceplate. I hung that up on my bedroom
wall. That summer I worked 2 jobs to save up for a Bryston 2B. I didn’t earn enough but my father
saw that I worked hard so he subsidized the rest.

That was probably the most satisfying piece of equipment I’ve ever owned.
Maybe instead of surfing through the internet looking at reviews of 5 figures cables, we should
google some of the gears we used to own and go back in time.


Good read @silo…! You must have a wonderful dad…