Wellfloat Isolation Devices

Any of the more financially adventurous among us have any experience with:

I can’t find any pricing on the Interwebs, but these are pretty appealing at first blush. The products are also just plain pretty.


This will give you an idea. Seller is listed as a dealer.


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Thank you.



Oh, on sale for $5.1k, what a deal! It does not even come with a cable :laughing:

I used stainless steel columns (each has three ceramic balls built in) under my gears, and for sure they provided calming and smoother sound. They are obviously cheaper than this thing.

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I use a sort of three ceramic ball isolating component in my system(s) as well, as part of my war against unwanted vibration. It’s the most neutral yet dynamic part of the arsenal I think.

I agree, they are very effective.

Checked their distributors list. No representation in North America. At those prices I’d need a demo before even thinking about separating with long green. I’ll say the isolators do look like a state of the art design and manufacturing exercise. Pretty much the epitome of extreme high-end bling. Bless the deep pocket audiophiles who can afford them. I’d be envious.

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I recently watched a youtube video where Yap from Alpha Audio reported about bad results decoupling components that sport transformers. His theory is that inherently vibrations risk to alter the sound if not dissipated to shelves or floor when you put something like IsoAcoustics Orea under the chassis.

Since years I used to use Oreas under all gear, so I removed them from MSB PowerBase and PSU unit of my Statement. Noticed a less reinforced sound, in low area especially. Just like when I tried removing a few Furutech NCF boosters.

These things are strange, you like them, you buy them, you remove (a few of) them. Am I growing with different tastes or just experimenting another psycho-acoustic moment?

Life is too short, I’ll move my attention on cables, network and grounding for a while.


One needs to take a few factors in to account

A) Draining of vibrations created in the equipment (a way from the equipment)

B) Preventing vibrations from entering equipment via floor and shelves into the equipment

C) Preventing airborne and cable borne vibrations from entering equipment

All problems (and forum discussions) comes from only addressing one or two of these issues. In stead one should build a system where all three is taken care of at the same time.

So, drain the vibrations from equipment down into something that absorbs vibrations. That absorbtion solution should never be the floor or a rack, but something that it self is standing on a “float off device”.

To make the information even better, that floating off, SHALL float off in frequencies as low as possible 5 Hz as most earth seismic and traffic borne vibrations starts at 7 Hz or higher. We can call this “D”

That means that the only product on the market that gets some what of a decent effect on A, B, C and D at the same time are products from Townshend Audio.

Take a look at the rest of products. Sorbothane, ceramic, spikes, Orea, magnetically lifting devices, cork… etc. They only adress a few of A, B, C and D and never all at the same time and never all of them effectively at the same time.

So Wellfloat is marketing devices that are better than most in terms of performance, but do not adress everything.

I recommend Entreq Vibbeaters on top of equipment, hard drainage directly below equipment, like Stillpoints or Cerapuc (Oreas are decent). Then you need an absorbtion layer like a Bambu shelve with Entreq Vibbeaters standing on it. Below the absorbtion shelve you need something that floats off everything from the floor, rack or furniture, like Townshend seismic tech. Even better would be to have another layer of mass in between all layers. Everything must be of the correct weight specified.

I use Townshend, Finite Elemente rack, IKEA butcher block, Finite Elemente cerapuc, a lot of foam pillows, Isoacoustic Orea and ISO-Pucks, a lot of shelves with layers, including hardened glass and a lot of Entreq Vibbeaters.

Power cleaning have got its own Finite Elemente rack and there are maybe 8 layers of floatation and absorbtion effectivly.

I know I can make it even better, but presently it still looks decent visually.

So… to sum up:

It’s just physics and people tend to skip on solving all kinds of vibration at the same time and end up just changing and changing and buying new stuff that are either inferior or misses an aspect that affects your set up.

Get A, B, C and D addressed at the same time and do it with high performance solutions.


My audio guru wanted me to put one under my Gryphon Ethos CD Transport. In his home we lifted and put one under a phono preamp we were listening to. We both heard a calming effect. When we removed it we missed it. Odd.

I do not own one now. Who knows what the futuremay bring?


These look like they should come with your new Bugatti or Koenigsegg.

It seems like someone in this group was using small tire inner tubes as equipment isolators with good results. For about 1/1000 the cost. Just sayin’

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I have tried so many vibration devices in the past, and I come to a conclusion there is no one device that can do it all also. That is hardly a surprise, and I am using combination of many to achieve the SQ I prefer.

The sources are more sensitive to vibration, and DAC too as most of us know. Another location is at power cord plug, and you will be surprised how the support underneath it will affect the sound.

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An extreme example of how crazy vibration support on cables can be:

Oh, its mine. Never mind.


Can you refresh me on the stand link and sorbothane duro for those cable supports please?

The racks were demos from an audio store in Taiwan during a trip early this year, I had them shipped to my home in CA. I have not seen one here.

You can find the steel column here:
1 piece Pure Copper Adjustable HiFi Audio Line Feet Pad Amplifier Power Cable Bracket Wire Support Shock Absorber Foot Nail - AliExpress
This is a tall one, but there are number of them from other sites at a more reasonalbe price.

Sorbothane Duro70 sheet you can find them in Amazon. Vmax said the duro70 rating is the one you want since it will not reduce bass tightness. Place a square on top of these columns are particularly effective for power cords (and under PST and U2). I used to use duro70 discs, but they still impact bass, and thinner sheet is the one that gives better performance in damping vibration w/o affecting anything else.

However, in my system these columns/duro70 do not work well under DAC and pre, I like Orea (Indigo gives the best SQ even it is rated for higher weight) better. I also tried VooDoo isopods and they are nice. However, with the additional platforms, columns, and duro70 they tamed the SQ too calmly to my liking.

Every system will have different needs. The racks, platforms, wood block (never works great in my system except under the PSU for streamer), steel and alum. footers, ceramic balls, plus tons of other little tweaks play a role in vibration control. My system is tuned to a point that I can hear every little change in the system.

It may not be the greatest thing one should do, because recording quality becomes crucial in my listening enjoyment.

Then my last resort is a glass of red, and sometime a shot of whiskey is needed, that will smooth everything out! :wine_glass: :man_dancing:


The examples only look to be about $75.00. They can’t possibly be effective at that price point.


Thanks for the link.

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No, not for cable under $1k. :laughing:

Or, you mean the other way around. Well, there’s a footer selling for $800 too, and I’m still waiting for someone else to give a review first.