Were Fisher Speakers ever considered good?

As a kid, I had a pair of Fisher speakers from either late 60’s or early 70’s. 3 way with 8 inch woofer. The speakers sounded fantastic. I made the mistake of selling them and buying much better looking Sony tower speakers. Big Mistake. I know Fisher made a couple popular tube amps back in the day…what about their speakers. Did Fisher actually produce their own items or were they just rebadged overseas mass produced components? I’m talking early Fisher, not the junk that was being sold in the 80’s

@dclark2171 - My brother had a pair from 1972, new. I considered them over priced Utah’s, if you get my drift. In the day the speaker to get at the price of Fishers or Utahs were Large Advents, then moving up to Dahlquist DQ 10’s. Based on what I heard of his speakers I went in a different direction with ADS L810s and then moved on to Magnepan Tympani 1D’s. I still have a Fisher tuner and integrated, both tubed units, a stack of Dyna, and a new in the box unassembled Dynaco FM3 tuner.

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The L810’s were a great speaker and still in demand with the “vintage” crowd. I owned both the Series I and Series II. My son still has the L810/II’s. I moved from ADS to Snell Type A/II’s.


The key with those L810’s was to fuse the tweeter as fabric dome tweeters did not dissipate heat well. I was big into jazz, (still am) when I had the ADS L810s. Was not into Heavy Metal or Headbanger stuff, and then there was the Sex Pistols…now where did I put those spare fuses.


I had a pair of ADS L710 Series II speakers in my system until two months ago. I replaced them with Wilson Audio Yvettes. It’s close but the Wilson speakers sneak past.

When I was 17 I bought a pair of Fisher Sound panels. I don’t EVEN want to talk about it. :wink:

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I’ve still got a mint pair of Cherry L570/II’s that get rotated through my Office system periodically and an Oak pair boxed up that I should sell.


Fun speakers, my office system is KEF 101s, and the tweeters are still good, not dried out.

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For Christmas 1970 I received a Fisher 115 stereo system, which included their XP44B “Little Giant” bookshelf speakers. The system sounded amazingly good, very musical and satisfying. I later took the system to college and it blew away some of the expensive Marantz/JBL setups my dorm mates had. So yes, in at least some cases Fisher speakers were superb.

Sigh, my first speaker purchase was a pair of Fisher Sound Panels…


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Fisher was basically sold through department stores … so became more popular because you could “charge it” on your department store card…

In the 70’s some stores sold fisher as “top of the line”. other stores would tell you it was rubbish. Many of the brands we consider the best today were not out yet. I remember Aiwa Portable cassette for $300 in 1983. That was a lot of money for that back then. The best Fisher speakers comparatively were not cheap either. Not like my Wilson Chronosonic’s though. They did not equate to that much money. Perhaps in the early 80’s the Infinity IRS. Or some Polk.