What 3.5mn cables you use to trigger the Amp with your GCD

As titled, i would like to know what is the best budget 3.5mn cables you use to trigger your PS A amplifier and others from the GDS , and the 3.5mn mono cable is just enough or need to be stereo ?
Is the few bucks cable OK ?

Amazon and they need to be 2 conductor stereo headphone extension cables with 1/8" plugs on either end.

Thank you

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I just bought a cheap pair from Amazon as well. They work fine.

I went with amazon as well and found one that matched my AQ XLR interconnects so it looks cool but any will do, no reason to spend extra money on these, they have no effect on the signal path.

Home made with Mogami W2314 Single Conductor Coaxial Cable

Neutrik Rean NYS226BG 3.5 mm mono phono plug
Neutrik Rean NYS226BG 3.5mm Mono Phone Plug (Black/Gold) | Performance Audio

Great idea, a fun little project.

Yeap. Get the ideal from https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-make-a-50-pair-of-high-end-xlr-cables/

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I have the SGCD and M700s. Just to make sure I have this correct, I need two cables that go from the two trigger outputs on SGCD to the trigger input on each of the M700s? If so, what is the trigger output on the M700s for? Could I run one cable from a trigger output on the SGCD to one of the M700s input, then run a cable from the trigger output from the same M700 to the trigger input on the other M700, leaving an extra trigger output on the SGCD for another piece of equipment? Inquiring minds want to know.

You can run the trigger out on one power amp to the trigger in on the next amp. This frees one trigger out on the preamp for a phono stage or anything like that.


:+1:t5: You’re welcome.

Just need somebody here confirm if the 3.5mm stereo conductors work with GCD and the M700s , i think nowaday most of the 3.5mm port on devices are stereo with 1.8" right ?
My old Pioneer N50 network player and A50 amplifier have the same 3.5mm port for triggering control signal via remote controll and mobile app, i used the AudioQuest 3.5mm Evergreen stereo cables to connect them, they worked

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Car Aux Cord 1m Nylon Jack Audio Cable 3.5 mm to 3.5mm Aux Cable Male to Male Cloth Audio Aux Cable Gold Plug for iphone speaker| | - AliExpress
Stereo cable for $0.01 each
8pcs 20cm 30cm 50cm 100cm Nickel 3.5mm 1/8" Male Mini Plug To Male Monaural Mono Audio Extension Cable|Connectors| - AliExpress
8 mono cables for $6.79 - 8.39 depending on length. I have been using these. They’re economical and function well.

i know the 3.5 mono worked, but i want to buy something already made to get rid for doing myself since i can definetly DIY , just bought two 3.5mm stereo pair of cables, they are decent nice with factory terminated on Amazon for $7.5 each

The above-noted cables are factory terminated cables, not DIY pieces.

Thanks Serhan

The things is I can order from amazon with shipping to my country in 5-7 days that fast enough.
We spent thousands of dolar for the gear, why bother for ten or more bucks to get a nice and decent one ?

i don’t really like the AliExpress, Tabao… , had many sad experiences with them

Fair enough!

I second the recommendation for these cables. They are much nicer than one would expect for the money and work perfectly.

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