What do you recommend?

With a new pair of M700’s arriving, what do you suggest as far as cabling goes between the SGC Pre/Dac… nothing ridiculous tho that cost nearly as much as the amps (I have TQ Black II speaker cable, and love it, if thats any help)

Not really answer your question.
My system is not high end, so I DYI my cable with Mogami bulk cable.
I have “long” XLR cable from SGCD to M700s, to keep the speaker cable as short as possible between M700 to speaker. M700 is just behind the speaker. I biwired my speakers with old BEL S12 speaker cable for HI, and Mogami for LOW.
(BTW, P12 was added to my system not longer after I have SGCD/M700s. PSA power regenerator seems work with PSA gears. I seems can hear the sonic improvements.)

What speakers are you using with the stellar combo?

Hi Paul, I am using the rather good Amphion 3LS models Argon3LS – Amphion Loudspeakers

I had the same combo at one time in my system I started with AQ Red River xlr which is affordable imo. You could try Blue Jean Cable also. A little pricier AQ Water is a good choice.

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Those are quite good speakers. Don’t limit them with poor cables.
Check with Bob @BobBJC at Iconoclast for any used or demo cables. They sell at reduced prices.


I have the same combo and run the AQ Water SGCD to M700’s which replaced another AQ which was brown but I forget the name. Water was a nice step up and I have kept it for about a year now. Silversmith Fideliums from the Amps to Focal 948’s which I really love except they’re a bit unwieldy. I sub in Iconoclast when I use my LRS’s as the Fideliums don’t connect with them and I haven’t gotten the adaptors


3+ years back, I upgraded all rig cables from Van den Hul the Second XLR to AQ water XLR. I am extremely satisfied with sound quality across the board and do not see me changing them in the foreseeable future.


I’m using audio quest Yukon xlr between BHK pre, DSD and M700s. They sound pretty neutral to me.