What are you listening to/watching on YouTube?

I can’t argue with you regarding his abilities. :wink: I agree he is sort of a “gateway drug” into music and performance due to his popularity.

Bone Music. Apparently it was a thing in the former Soviet Union to cut records of illicit forms of music on old X-Rays, as the plastic could hold a groove.


Fascinating stuff, thanks for that one, @badbeef.

Begs the question - when The Man comes to take your music away, what lengths are you willing to go to? :man_shrugging:t2:

The Sublime:

To the Ridiculous:

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I love watching this guy’s Classical Music Video’s, his latest is this one on Beethoven’s 9th although there is a second part just on the final movement.
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No video, but a lovely father-daughter version of this classic:


These puppies are pretty sick - lots of cool tech, flexibility, and free worldwide shipping for a 45-day trial. Looks like about $4,850/pr. US with the hub and remote (3,750 Euro)

Darko is certainly wetting himself :stuck_out_tongue:
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I like the speakers. I wish Jonny D could have reduced his 29 minutes of drool to 10 or 15.


Exceedingly compelling. I tried the S400 and they weren’t my thing. Bass response was simply lousy in my space, way too flabby, but these are another beast all together.

This fellow also has quite few interesting, relatively short, harmonic analysis videos - including BeBop and classic jazz styles, just to name a few.
This Classic ‘Tristan und Isolde’ video first got me interested.


I adore these!

I came across this this channel by accident last year and found his approach to music, both modern and traditional, quite interesting and informative. Some of his own compositions are very interesting from a number of perspectives.
This Flamenco video I found enlightening …

I agree - didn’t care for the S400’s. Though like some other sorts of speakers, they do not seem to like Class D. So though these actives have better bass capability, you’re stuck with the Class D in them. At least it is tweakable.

Agreed. If I were to start over system wise I would certainly give them a shot or as a recommendation for those looking for great sound without all the gear.

Mads is a great guy and I’m happy to see him and his hired gun engineers continue to innovate. People need good music more than they know and these are a far better path for so many more than the discrete systems many of us ‘aging’ audiophiles have curated over the years.