What are you Spinning now Mk 8 Subthread

I needed that! :crazy_face:

In the long run, for me, it has perhaps tended to take a lot longer for me to realize what I Don’t Like about digital releases. Yeah, sure - they tend to be “clean” and so on. But as with any release, you have to spend some time with it. Sometimes the Vinyl is “clearly” (haha) not as…clear. But then…it wins over time.

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I’ve never been a pre-release purchase kind of person. If there is something that I am very interested in, I keep track of it so that I know when release day will be and I make sure I get a copy then. I like to visit my local merchants.

The only modern pressings I tend to buy are the RSD limited edition pressings. I do this hoping that they take a little more care with those. But I have also had bad pressings of those too. The biggest problem being that if the limited edition is popular, by the time I figure out that I have a bad pressing, it’s too late and I can’t get a replacement.

Depends on where I’m at, but I have access to quite a few within 10km, or 6 miles, 6 for one home and 4 for the second. About an hour and 15 minute drive to Chicago where I have access to the motherlode.

One aspect of the pre-releases I was pursuing has been their relative limited availability, typically 300-500 records. Until recently they had a tendency to sell out prior to my becoming aware of them. Typically post release street price would rise to 3-6 times the release price. I too pick-up RSD releases, less so recently as the releases tend to be less interesting for me. The risk has been a defective pressing may not be able to be replaced. My experience to date with ORG and Resonance Records RSD releases has been problem free. Hopefully that trend continues. The most recent pre-release I purchased was this:

I just saw the Discogs pricing for these and fell out of my chair. This is one I won’t be playing or opening:

Lush Life - John Coltrane

Nice score!

I’ve had one out of 10 RSD purchases this year that was bad. For the past 3 years I’ve been happy with the quality.