Fun in 5.1 & Now 7.4.4

I’ve been throwing a bunch of 5.1 discs and files on Bootzilla’s "What Are You Spinning Right Now? (Mk.2). Technically they are discs that spin but I believe the intention was 2.0 LP’s, CD’s, & SACD’s/Hi Res PCM. Is there a way to move them off of one Forum topic and move them to another so as to save space for others to post stuff ? Or is that an elk thing ?

So I’m hoping that there’s a bunch of you PS Audio and non PS Audio folks out there that like to indulge (and sometimes confuse - depending on who mixed it) in the Auditory (insert expletive here).

I’ll start with what I posted last night on Bootzilla’s page :


Been enjoying this (well, mostly the title tune) in stereo on Qobuz since I heard the 5.1 master at Gus’s and tears came to my eyes. Realized (duh!) there must be a surround version, and so the other day ordered the DVD-Audio of it. Should be here sometime next week.

One of the nice things about the new place is I have my surround set up again : )


You and me both Badbeef. Gus is such a nice man. I really hope the DSD version can be released legally one day. For now, I have my DVD-A order in place on Amazon.

Patrick Moraz is an amazing Keyboard player. Soon is still my favourite part.


Not getting high “With A Little Help From My Friends” cause I’m still on the clock and it’s not recreational in AZ :joy:.

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I love me some 5.1 multi-channel playback. That is the reason I have nearly 90 active tubes in my system. All five of my surround channels are tubed (R & L mono blocks, Center channel amp, rear channel amp, and 6 channel preamp). When the 5 channel surrounds are tended to with equal passion and vigor as the vast majority of 2-channel setups out there, magic happens. Just wish there was more multi-channel recorded music out there.


Holy Sh…t !!! Jeff, you’re my Hero ! I bet it never gets cold in your audio room…:blush:

…And he lives in SoCal…:hot_face:

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Gonna have to dig out the 5.1 of this later. If I can find it…:man_shrugging:t2:


1st Disc I tried after rebuilding the EQ. The output of the center channel was quite low. Found two SMT transistors that your truly soldered were shorted on the signal side. Fixed it after some serious head scratching. As much as I prefer SMT soldering as opposed to old school throughole crap (I know…I know), they are a beeeatch when there’s a short or open (what looks like its soldered …isn’t or the part has a solder short underneath that you can “see”).

DVD-A of Tommy later (should have opted for the SACD…oh well).

Oh boy… I would love to run that 5.1 through my system! :grin:

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Jeal-y, I must say…

We’re not the one’s with an all tube 5.1 setup (I’m Jealous). It’s nice to have fun on these forums again. That’s why I started this Topic.

Before I head to the Dentist (in 10 years…eeesh). Some Clapton. It’s the compressed DTS 5.1 but still sounds good.

For 5.1 and Home Theater, I have 45 tubes in play. The other tubed amps/preamp are for my phono state, reel-to-reel playback preamp, and my 2-channel preamp.

Front Mains Amps X 2 (monoblocks)

Rear Channels Amp

Front Channel Amp

6 Channel Preamp (Multi-Channel & Home Theater


Oooh - good timing…


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Feel that​:facepunch:t2:

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That’s freaking awesome Jeff ! Did you build them ?


My Wife & I are heading to Fort Leonard for our Son’s Army Boot Graduation & Family Day. Happy’s going with us. So let’s hope U.S. Postal gets it to me maybe Monday. Goes to our locked mailbox.


No, the monoblocks are Canary Audio Grand Reference’s and the the other three amps are Decware. I am not that talented! :grin:


Zappa in DVD-A 5.1 !!!