What are you spinning right now?




i gave this an immediate like, even though I have not heard this version yet, because I am such a groupie for Biber. When I get a spare hour I shall search it out. The more interpretations of The Mystery Sonatas there are the better!




Qobuz 24/96


24/192 FLAC download from the Owsley Stanley Foundation by way of Acoustic Sounds. It is so great to be able to buy a virtual master-tape-quality copy of these historic recordings for such a reasonable price. If the actual master tapes were sold, they would fetch a huge price, I am guessing. And yet, we can buy a super-high-quality high-resolution digital transfer for about the price of a new LP (try the Acoustic Sounds coupon code 10PERCENT).


Recorded live at the greatest live music club I’ve ever been in, “The Spotted Cat” on Frenchman Street you know where. I won’t say anymore at the risk of further ridicule!



I drank too much bourbon at my brother’s house last night. He has a beautiful backyard and he loves alt country. Listened and drank way to late. Dragging today and this is my comfort food. Disc 2.


Love this thread. Rather than talk about the equipment, people are posting the music that they love and are listening to. Not to say by any means that the equipment isn’t important. Just heard the album below streaming on a Bose sounddock via Spotify (sitting on the deck outside, a gin and tonic in hand does compensate for the lack of sound quality - grinning :slight_smile: ).


Sonny Clark “Trio” Time Records/Solid Records cd Japan



Nitty Gritty 1972


Cool, I just bought that CD last week … haven’t listened to it, yet.


W. A. Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 11 on F major, K. 413



Charles Mingus “Tijuana Moods” ORG SACD


Sonny Clark “Sonny’s Crib” Blue Note Japan Platinum SHM-SACD.


Now available on Spotify, but not yet on TIDAL …


what a crew!! I especially love me some Curtis Fuller.