What are your audiophile recordings for system evaluation and setup?


I worked with my favorite non-audiophile commercial sound reinforcement system designer on a small college auditorium system in the south suburbs of Chicago. The space was older and constrained so my designer was limited in speaker choices and location. He ended up re-using existing openings but significantly upgraded the speakers and added a very well placed sub. The owner saw the
system, after install, and demanded a meeting with all involved. Never even turned it on. He claimed it cost him $250K plus to get nothing more than what he already had. My sound reinforcement designer brought a Diana Krall CD! Turns out the guy was an older Jazz fan but didn’t know Diana Krall. He said, “That sounds like a real up-right bass.” We left with a happy client!


How about Gonzo-style Moby Dick solo in a drum store?


A sign at Preservation Hall in New Orleans.


Party on Wayne.


Sort of like - $5 if I do it, $10 if you watch and $15 if you help


I don’t know if I own any “audiophile” recordings. But I do have recordings that I think sound great and I listen to them over and over and over, often the same track when I’m making a change in gear or positioning.


Good one!


Jesse Cook - One World for percussion, guitar, imaging and instrument separation
Neal Pert - drum solo on the RUSH R40 album
Norman Brown - After the Storm - sound stage and instrument separation
Chesky Audiophile SACD for testing system - great tests for 3D imaging and noise floor
Cindy Bradley - Bloom