New XLR inter connects required

I have a couple of local (to me in the UK) XLR cables that are used to go between my SGC and M700 amps. They are quite good for the money (£150.00), but I feel they can be bettered. Have any of you nice people any recommendations. Budget will be about £350 -£450 (Sterling)

Van den Hul the Second XLR still connect my BHK pre to Meridian 857 reference.
Also, you can may want to check Grimm Audio SQM XLR

Edit: I prefer the sound of the above noted to AQ Water XLR.

I use AudioQuest Mackenzie ($300/pair from PSAudio in the US) for my SGC>M700 connections. Work very well.


Just updated my balanced ICs with AQ Yukon. Their top of the line without DBS and associated battery. Sorry but I’m not going to use cables with batteries. These sound very nice.