What footers did Snowmass designer(s) use?

When Ted Smith and the PS Audio team voiced Snowmass, what did they use under the DirectSteam DAC for footers? And what platform was used under those footers?

In a recent Audio Bacon review, “A Survey – The Thing About Mechanical Vibration Isolation…” Jay Luong states “In general, vibrations are just bad for audio. Better dampening gets us to a steady state quicker. This is especially the case for turntables.
But what if these components weren’t even voiced or designed with a specific type of isolation – or none at all? Unless the speaker and electronics designers tell us themselves, there’s no way to know. I know for a fact some don’t use any isolation at all while designing their products. So does that mean we’re mucking with the sound when we throw foam balls under them?”

Though it is a given that everything in the audio system after the DSD (preamps, interconnects, amps, speaker cables, and speakers) will affect the Snowmass voicing, I still would like to know about the DSD footers and platform used during the voicing of Snowmass (1) to avoid mucking up the designer’s intended Snowmass voicing with other footers and (2) to maybe reproduce Ted Smith’s intended stunning Snowmass voicing.

Any information from firmware virtuoso Ted Smith and team regarding footers and platform used to voice Snowmass would be greatly appreciated.

Good question. I would also be curious as to what firmware was used in the DMP for the voicing of Snowmass.

No one would want their system set up like mine:

Tho my system is fine (http://cgi.audioasylum.com/systems/3367.html), I keep the DS (or DS Jr) on a table right in front of me in my chair in the sweet spot. That’s where I do all of my work and my listening.

I use flexible long interconnects (Peavy microphone cables, cheap, cheap, cheap.) I’ve always got the DS (or DS Jr) open, I have WiFi, wireless phones, a cell phone, often a box fan running, my laptop fan runs more than I’d like, etc.

I stare at the wall, write code, verify with a scope and if it sounds good and is better theoretically I ask my wife for a second opinion and then deliver it to PS Audio. What I care about is things getting better technically and the DS/software pulling me into the music.


Ted,I take it you do not use the DMP in any of your voicing?

Thank you Ted for sharing. Very interesting to know the Snowmass was voiced with DSD on stock footers. Good reason to rethink the footer issue.

I don’t voice - if the system doesn’t involve me in the music it’s a reject. If it doesn’t make my wife dance in another room it’s a reject. I do use the DMP as a source at times (I have thousands of SACDs I like.) But most of my testing is done with my testing playlist in foobar2000 on my computer via USB.

I’ve always found that a technically better implementation sounds better (thank goodness.) I’m almost always positive that I will make a positive improvement with each release (but that can’t go on forever) and I’ve even posted how the last three releases would sound before I’d started implementing them. I get pleasant surprises at times, but for example, lowing noise is always good.


Thanks for clearing that up Ted. To my ears,each DMP firmware update has sounded different from the one before hand. As much as I love Snowmass…I love it even more so with DMP 3.09 as opposed to 3.10. I thought maybe Snowmass could have been voiced with an earlier released update seeing how 3.10 seems more strident sounding to my ears in tandem with Snowmass.

Hopefully Paul or Darren can help, but they use multiple systems and multiple ears. I’m using some stale DMP release, it works well for what I do so I’m not upgrading until it doesn’t :wink: (It’s hard enough to keep track of the changes I do on purpose let alone worrying about other changes in the system.)


My isolation components are going nowhere.

So that’s the secret, that’s why Teds system sounds so good… It’s those yellow and red crocodile clips!

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It seems either there’s huge reliance on technical improvements meaning 1:1 sound improvements or you and your wife have golden ears in detecting great musicality…probably both.

I destroyed my tweeters just before the final work on one of the previous releases so I couldn’t really listen well at all. I still had no qualms about sending the resultant software off to PS Audio. As far as technical changes go it’s “Trust, but verify”

I would expect to see a cut up pair of Flip Flops as isolators under your equipment on the bench. Nice work, I just updated my DSJ to Snowmass and Bridge II update. The bridge quit functioning a week before the update (???) and now everything is working perfectly again. Thank You Ted. (and Mrs. Smith)