What HQP filters are you using with the DS?

I’m starting a new thread as not to continue to derail the AirLens thread.

I’m very interested in knowing what your HQP settings are. I don’t have a DS DAC but from the reviews I don’t think I’ve ever read it described as bright. :slight_smile:

Anyone else using HQP with the DSD? What are your settings? What are you hearing that’s different / better?


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Great idea!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t seem to get DSD to work right, so I just skip HQPlayer when I play DSD.

Thank you

I would try shorter/less process intensive filters. For SDM defaults: poly-sinc-ext2, for DSD source settings: PCM conversion poly-ext2, SDM conversion wide; PCM Noise Filter Standard. DAC bits should also be 24, the DAC is going to throw away the last 8 anyways.

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It sounds better using your suggestions!

Thank You,

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Thanks to ipeverywhere for starting this topic. I think it’s a good idea. :slight_smile:
I’ve been using HQPlayer Desktop with my DSDAC (MK I) for about 3 years. Although, I must confess that I don’t take full advantage of HQP’s comprehensive filter capabilities since I’m only just beginning to understand ‘filters’ and, besides, I’m content to just leave the filtering regime to Ted Smith’s programming.

Originally, I was a BridgeII user but got the itch to change when I started reading opinions that the I²S input(s) to the DSDAC sounded better than using the BridgeII as the input. In addition, DSD256 was just coming onto the scene, at least as far as the DSDAC was concerned. So I started looking around for ways to ‘stream’ my locally stored PCM and DSD library files into the DSDAC. With my (in hindsight maybe too limited) research into ‘transporting’ DSD, I ended up with HQP feeding a Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 DDC device.

Probably more information than you learned readers need to know but, at any rate, here are snips of my HQP settings. What I’m trying to achieve with these settings is to just use HQP in ‘pass-through’ mode. That is, to have it act as a conduit to just read the DSD (or PCM) files from my NAS server via Windows folder sharing, using the ASIO driver, send the bitstream onto the X-SPDIF 2 via USB and then onto the DSDAC via I²S. Happy to accept any suggestions to better achieve my intent.


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