What is the best way to exam a cartridge still mounted?

I would like to exam my 8 year old cartridge while it’s still mounted. Please advise. Thanks.

Have you tried a mirror and magnifying glass?

I use a LED illuminated loupe. With a short focus distance (that’s going to be the case whether you use a loupe or a USB microscope) it takes a steady hand and patience to image the stylus and cantilever.

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I use the camera on my cell phone and I zoom in.

Find this on Amazon. Anyone used this?

From the top review: The microscope is worth $20. Pay someone $50 to take the stand off your hands!

Mounts are more important than the optics. I learned this during my years with telescopes. $27 is little to be without to try it, and if it’s junk Amazon will take it back.

Your mobile phone likely has far better optics. Cobble together the sturdiest mount that will hold it close and take some timer shots if possible to avoid touching or moving it.