What Is The Brand Name Of The Stock P10 Fuse?

I went to replace the fuse in my new P10 today and I was surprised to find that the stock fuse was a ceramic body fuse with gold-plated end caps. There was a logo stamped on one cap that was a capital “S” in a square.

Who makes this fuse?

They are custom made for us.

Paul, I was curious about that myself only as it pertains to the DS DAC. I went to remove the four screws on the bottom plate with the intention of replacing the P1 stock fuse with a Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme. However, I stripped one of the screws and haven’t gotten around to removing it by some other means. Are the fuses in there custom made as well? Also, I am under the impression that the P1 fuse is for the DAC and the P2 is for when you have a PWT connected to it, correct? Thank you.

Darque Knight, good to know you’re part of the community here. I’ve read your postings on other forums as they pertain to fuses, directionality, resistance, noise, etc. and have found them very educational.

The fuses we use are custom made gold ones but the HiFi Tuning ones are better still. Both fuses are used in the device and it doesn’t care if there’s a PWT or not.

Thank you, Paul, now I know that once I get it open that I’ll need a second fuse. Not to be a pest, but from what I’ve read on the forums here, the orientation would be with the arrow pointing from back to front, is this correct? I really appreciate your time spent in this.

One fuse is more important than the other and I don’t remember about the orientation. I’ll try and get a read for you.

Very much appreciated. Thank you.

When I first received my DS DAC in April of this year I liked it a great deal but thought that in some ways I preferred my Oppo 105D. As time has gone by, I now find that when I switch to the 105D playing solo, I quickly go back to putting the DS DAC in the chain because it just sounds better to me. You and your team have created and continue to improve a first rate DAC. Sorry to sound like a fanboy but it’s the way I feel.

Fan Boys are very welcome here. We are all guilty here in Nirvana.

Re fuse.

I too am curious about the function of the 2 fuses in the DS and anxious to hear.

Oops. Just got reminded that fuse 2 is not used in DS. So, you’re correct. You only need the one.

Thank you, Paul.