What is the MultiWave Upgrade P5/P10?

This is an available download, as is the .39 Upgrade, but I find no mention of what these are and whether they might be desirable for all…PS really needs a dedicated software description page somewhere…

As a soon to be new P10 owner, this is a great question and point! In addition, is .41 and the MultiWave Upgrade different or does the MultiWave Upgrade incorporate .41?

The Multiwave upgrade is a feature addition to the standard Multiwave function in the PowerPlants. It allows you to vary the amount of extra energy added to the sinewave when in Multiwave mode. There are six settings. Prior to the new feature, turning on Multiwave was equivalent to the current system setting of 4. Now you can set it from 1 to 6. So, from much less Multiwave effect to much more.

Upgrade to the latest version --.41. All releases past the Multiwave upgrade include the new feature, and avoid an annoying bug in the Multiwave release.