What’s next?

How’s that for a cryptic topic?

I’m asking for suggestions to improve my digital audio chain. My current setup is:


Qobuz via cable modem to
Orbi Router via Wi-Fi to
Orbi Satellite via SOtM ISO Cat 6 to
Aurender N200 via USB to


Same as above except files stored locally on the Aurender

I’ve read about USB to I2S converters, USB ground isolators, and audiophile switches. What is the biggest bang for the buck? If you could provide specific brands and models, I’d appreciate it very much.


Although I do not have enough experience to recommend specific products, here is a link to a thread that discusses…Converting USB to i2s
But with the capabilities of the USB output of the N200 and the USB input of the MK2, you might not need anything else.

You also have the ability to purchase DSD downloads and transfer them to a usb flash drive, and insert that USB flash drive into the N200.

DS Mk1? Switch from USB to I2S will give you the greatest improvement.

DS Mk2? You’re set using USB. There’re so many options to improve the SQ upstream from the streamer, it’s hard to say which way is the best.

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