What´s the correct placement for an Infinity IRS?

Hi guys,

I am currently building a new music room for my Infinity IRS. The room dimensions are 20 feed wide, 32 feet long, 9.8 feet high. Now I´m looking for hints for the correct positioning of the MH-Panels from the IRS. I could not find anything in the whole internet or in the Infinity manual, so I’m hoping you can help me.

Most important for me: how far apart should the MH panels be? Measured from the wings or from the middle of the panels?

Just as interesting is the correct distance to the front wall, are there any recommendations from Infinity?

In the PS Audio music room the MH panels are relatively close together, if I can see that correctly in the videos. But I would be especially interested in the recommendation of Infinity or Arnie Nudell himself.

The woofers are no problem, here I can orientate myself on the room modes and can simulate the correct placement in the room.

I would start by mimicking the general placement from Paul’s videos (far away from the front wall and away from the sides), but since your room appears to be wider, I would potentially place the MH panels a little further apart than you can estimate from Paul’s videos. You could even search for Paul’s video where the IRS was moved into their current building and compare their initial placement versus a recent video to see how much the placement changed in order to get them just right. Enjoy this process, as this is a wonderful “problem” to have.

Maybe @Paul can offer a suggestion or two on placement of the IRS in a room that size.

I would say the answer to best placement is in someone else’s house, but then I like mini monitors. Whilst you may wish to pass on that advice, have you considered speaking to Paul about his recent woofer upgrade? He said it was a big improvement.

Well, unfortunately Arnie died and Infinity doesn’t have anyone left that knows much about speakers and nothing about the IRS. A very different company now, just a pale shadow of what they once were.

You want the panels to be about 80% as wide as you are seated back. So, for example, if you’re seated 12 feet from the panels, you’ll want to start with the panels about 9.6 feet apart as measured from center to center of the panels and then tweak them from there.

The IRS appreciates the Rule of thirds in most rooms so I’d start with the panels about 10 feet from the front wall. You’ll likely want some diffusion panels like RPG on that front wall as well.

The woofers are a b*tch to place because they’re about 300 pounds each and not a lot of fun to move. Most IRS have the towers to the outside of the wings. Mine, for example, were outside enough that in my listening position I could see half of the woofers, while the other half hid behind the wings. In later iterations, Chris moved them more together so I can no longer see them. The trick is to find where you’re going to be sitting based on imaging, then move the bass towers until you find the most even bass response in your seated position.

You might also consider doing what we did, replacing the crossovers. They almost always need replacing. Our Chief Engineer will build you new crossovers if you want.

Good luck!


Not a fan of HK I see.

Thank you very much for the answer Paul, It is a great honour for me. Then I will try to do it the way you described. If I feel the crossovers aren’t working, I’ll write to you.

Since I use a Trinnov preamp to equalize the basses, I can also think about activ control the mid and high frequencies and removing the passive crossover completely. But first I will build now the new music room and place the speakers.

Best regards from Germany.

Harmon Kardon? It’s a fine consumer audio company but it has nothing to do with high end audio. I knew it when it was interested in that.

Good luck and have fun. Send pictures.

I know. I was teasing. Just bought my first PSAudio product and enjoying it. Now if I could only lay my hands on the new Strata integrated (which I will call the Strat after the guitar because. Well. It sounds cool) I would be a very happy camper. But for some reason I have now started to expand my music listening back to my jazz and classical roots. Thank you so much!

Sounds like the key is to have Chris move/place the 300 pound subwoofers! :+1:

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