What to add to my PP15?

Okay, I just added two Pass Labs 260.8 Mono Blocks to my system. They are both powered through my PP15. These amps are powering a pair of Wilson Audio Sasha 2’s.

Here is a list of the other gear:
Three M700 mono blocks
Monoprice HTP-1 HT processor
Holo Audio Spring DAC 3
Lumin U1 dig. Transport (streamer)
2 JL Audio E110 Subs
JL Audio CR-1 crossover
Samsung 75” display

The question is; which components get to be powered through the P15, and who gets second class Furman power???

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Having a P15 myself…my .002 is to plug everything into your P15
EXCEPT for the subs and crossovers…

With my system not having a tv in with my audio gear simplifies things for me
My entire system, Parasound JC5, Oppo 205, Ps Audio DS dac,
Wyred4Sound Stage 2 preamp all are pluggend into my P15 with super results!!

The subs will do well with the furman (me thinks)

Hope this helps

Best wishes

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Right now I have the following plugged in:

2x Pass Labs 260.8 Amps
1x DAC
1xDig Transport
1x M700 Mono Block
1x JL Audio Cross Over

Removed the AV Processor, 2 Subs, 2x M700 mono blocks.

Still showing about 83% untilization. Hoping this will be enough to stop the system from shutting down during intense sections where the amps and Subs were being asked to really put out.

Obviously the Pass Labs Amps are Class A/B pigs!

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You should be fine after having removed the subs off of the P15.

Your Pass 260.8s rated at 260 watts each are hungry dudes as long as
they are fire up one at a time your P15 should be able to handle the inrush
of currrent individually…

In my case my Parasound JC5 on occasion will have a large enough inrush
to trigger off my P15…With my JC5 it is 400w x 2 for 800 watt amp trying to
boot all at once…the watt meter will swing full left and stay there a couple of
seconds…then the P15 auto protects. However pressing the power on button
brings the P15 right back to on…refire up the JC5 and all is then well.

Since I don’t have subs my P15 idles at about 330 watts give or take…should
I crank up the album Time Warp or others with similar dynamics…the power
meter may briefly swing to 500 watts or so and quickly settle back to 330 watts or so.

Your P15 with all else and the 260.8s should probably be fine though at 80%…there
is still headroom…save for 1 thing…

Which speakers are you using and are they efficient?

As a last recourse you may need to stretch on up to a P20…

Amazingly enough I have given thought to a pair of JC1+ with selectable
bias and can output 25 watts Class A …my thinking is that booting up each one
at a time would probably be well within my P15s ability…

Hopefully this helps some
Best wishes

Have you given your system a go with high intense sound yet?
Let us know…

Best wishes

Do you have the JC5 plugged into one of the high current outlets on the P15?

I have a P12 with a JC5 and it nevers shuts down on start up or any other time.

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take this with a giant grain of salt, as I don’t even have a PSA regenerator…

But I’ve read a lot of forum posts on it, and I’ve noted that many people have success plugging their amps into the wall (maybe with an upgraded audio or hospital outlet), and all the other stuff into their regenerator.

Might be worth some testing.

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Interesting…that is really good a P12 able to supply the power to a
JC5 without shutting down…You must have a P20 disguised as a P12 :grinning:

My JC5 is indeed plugged into the P15’s high current outlet…

At times on powering up my JC5 the watt power meter will swing all the way over far right and hang there for maybe about 3 seconds or so…then auto protect circuit kicks
in …all the power socket icons turn red. At that point all I need do is press power on button on my remote and P15 power sockets turn green and away we go …music fun time!!!

By the way Mcroth how do you like your JC5? Can’t say enough for mine…loving it!!

Best wishes

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Thanks terzinator…

Yes, Thanks for asking, I have plugged my JC5 direct to wall…whiile ok…the sound quality with JC5 plugged into the high current outlet of my P15 produces a much better sound stage along with sound quality.

Best wishes

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That is interesting. I did not think the P12 could handle the load of the JC5. PS Audio thought it would fine, and that is the case. I have tried it both ways, into the P12 and directly to the wall. Quite a bit better running off the P12. P12 makes the JC5 and the entire system dead quiet. Always had a small hum with ear right beside speaker before the P12. Loving the P12!

As for the JC5. I feel it is one of the best bang for the buck amps available. I have had Parasound amps for years. The JC5 adds another level of refinement and control. Can’t say enough good about the JC5 and Parasound as a company. Excellent products and customer service. Hope they continue the same business model with Richard retiring.

Enjoy the music!


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Thanks Marc for taking the time to share your experiences…
Your experience with your JC5 plugged into the P12 matches
mine as well…

Like yourself I can strongly recommend Parasound Halo amps
Have owned the A21 a superb amp which I traded up for a new
JC5 a while back…The Jc5 takes where the A21 left off to a whole
new level of performance in the things we enjoy …the music!!

Thanks again for sharing
Best wishes

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