P15 suggestions and starting time

I’m an happy new owner of a P15 that outperform my old stuff (isolation transformer and filters).
A couple of times it happened to me that the PP shut down when it receives the load of the two big amps.
The continuous load is just 375watt…
It’s better to wait a while from the moment I turn on the P15 and when I power on the monoblocks?
When the shut down happened I’ve seen the load pointer going in the red zone…
Any suggestion to make the best use of my device? and avoid any damage

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Hey newton7 welcome to the fun corner of this hobby!!!

Currently have a P15 and love it…it powers my whole system.

My own sop on P15 start up after reboot…my Parasound JC5 is the
first guy to be powered up as it draws so much inrush current
that it will peg the power watt meter and hold long enough for
the P15 to self protect with all the power icons going red. A quick
touch on the remote’s on button fires them up to green again.

This doesn’t happen every time but sufficient enough to take this
precaution. I have a DS dac that goes through reinitialization when
ever power has gone off and power restored. If I were to power
up my JC5 at the same time my DS is reinitializing and causes a
self protect shut down…it could mess up the dac forcing a trip
back to PS Audio for service…

There is a long standing belief that all front ends should be powered
up first then the power amp to protect your speakers from any loud
pop or noise that could damage the tweeters… In as much a my
preamps self mute…on powering them up…I can diregard that

My JC5 loading is about the same as yours…as I don’t know
your power up sequence…you might fire up one amp and wait
for the amps power supply to stabilize a couple of seconds (power
meter on P15 will say when) Then power up 2nd amp…with my JC5
being a 400 w/channel stereo amp I don’t have that option.

When your amps shut down your P15…it is only your P15 going
into auto protect…nothing to worry about…

Jamesh PS Audio’s whiz kid can confirm this…

Hope this helps you some…Happy journey
Best wishes

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I think you identified the issue and your suggestion to wait a while to power on the dac is precious.
My amps (two Audio Analogue Doninzetty Anniversary in mono configuration) have a total of four 1200VA toroidal…but the ignition sequence takes 10 seconds with different relays (and maybe a soft start?) and usually I dont see overload on the screen of the P15…
Thank you and best wishes to you!

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Glad I could help shed some light…

The power toroid on my JC5 is 1.7 kva…big bruiser :grin: :innocent:
So exercising patience on my end while power up my JC5…

Just part of the fun…
Best wishes

Not sure what your monoblocks are and what speakers they drive and what impedance they drop to. May consider a P20 an a dedicated 20 amp line. If I am running mine wit just 15 amp power. It will shut down if you get into big stereo peaks. As for power up I switch monos on separate using power switch.

Before dedicated lines both amps powering up simultaneously they would dim lights. My filter caps were leaking and that replacement helped immensely. The multiwave feature might keep caps from causing shut down. But that band aid kills imaging. Also a higher gauge power cord that is high current might also help to the P15. But your breaker and fuse still can degrade available current. Some go with bigger regenerator fuse but i’d keep size close to what your breaker outputs. The potential issue with larger regenerator fuse is more dage if th P15 has the auto shut dow circuit components fail. So levels of reliability redundancy goes away. But most equipment doesn’t have such sensing only McIntosh amps and pS audio generators have protection LPS ke this I know about. Perhaps other manufacturers offer. I know a direct short of speaker cables on my McIntosh amps will send them into protection mode requiring removal of short. Then power reset. I guess some of Yamaha pro amps also have this.

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I’m curious to know if it is better to turn them on one at a time and not at the same time.
Or it is irrelevant to the P15 … just to prevent risks
and what zone/plug is the better choice for each amp?

Are you using the high current outlets of the P15?

Yes, hi current for the amps

Are you turning the high current outlets on and off with the P15 power switch?
And leaving the amplifier"s power switch always in the on position?

I have P12, I program it with delay on each zone to have my gears power on in sequence with “proper” delay. The “proper” I mean I time the gear power on init time, so that each gear will be fully init before powering up next one.

P15 has two HC zones, I think it can be programmed accordingly to power on the power amp one by one with a “proper” delay to avoid the init power draw.

My amps have a main switch on the rear (always on) and a front panel button that can be activate when the electronics are powered, manually or by the preamp trigger (using the remote controller).
So my question is:

  • it’s better to power on the amps manually and once a time?
  • leave the HC outlet in the “always on” position? or delay?
  • or it is sufficient to wait for the needle display during the initialization phase, and keep on using the preamp remote control that turns on the devices simultaneously

Unfortunately, PS Audio doesn’t seem to explain exactly how the high current outlets work in their manuals.
My understanding is that the high current outlets only limit inrush current when they are first activated by the power switch of the P 15.

Assuming this is true, the high current outlets will not do anything for you since your amps need standby power to even be turned on by the main power switch.

I would leave the P 15‘s outlets on all the time.
And then turn your amplifiers on manually one at a time.

Concur on this and is what I recommended earlier
at the top of the thread…turn the amps on separately

Best wishes

Thank you davida and st50maint
I would appreciate a contribution from someone from PS Audio…

Perhaps @jamesh can help there.

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Yes, you are exactly right here. This is the only way to take advantage of the slow ramp up with the HC zone.

so, what your suggested way to power on my set up? given that both amps need to be turned on by a button after the power supply is on.
Thank you!
It could be dangerous for the P15? or for other devices connected?

Is there some kind of trickle boot up process that you can try? That could alleviate some of the heavy lifting right when things boot up. Could try using the delay mode as well. No, this won’t harm the P15. This is why it’s shutting down in order to protect itself.

Thank you. The most important thing is that it does not get damaged.
Last question: instead of using the rear switch can I use the main switch of the power line dedicated to the hifi? It’s basically the same…?

Yes, you can certainly use the front switch. I hardly ever touch the back switch.