What to do with my PerfectWave Transport (3.5 years old)?

No, fortunately I have had no issues so far, though in general the drive is a bit louder than I would have expected (not an issue while listening). It was one of the last refurbs sold by the Music Room, so I imagine it’s a SATA. Can this be worked out from the serial number?

@sixpack1 Wow, great, tres specific testimony! I thank you for it. Makes me feel braver and braver about opening up the PWT. (My shipment of all threads arrived yesterday. Thank you, TJ!)

Best to all, Chaz

If it is a PWT that was refurbished it will have the SATA drive for sure.

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Get yourself a nice thick towel even double it up and place it on your work surface. This will prevent you from making any marks in the top cover during the process.

Yes, this “growling” of the drive after it reads a disk - but before I press play - is a big problem.

For instance, if I decide to sell the PWT, how does one describe that “growling” and still get fair value in the sale of the PWT?

Then the freezing/lockup/abending during play of disks (yes, a very small % but troubling still).

Sigh. (Just glad that my turntable is without these “issues”!)