Any idea how much a PS Audio PerfectWave Transport, Black CD/DVD Player sells for?

It’a the original one not the one that plays and supports SACD and used of course.

A PWT? Hifishark is your friend. :slightly_smiling_face: Seems like they’re running between $800-$1000.

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I don’t think the PWT played SACDs.

Are inquiring about the DirectStream Memory Player (a/k/a DMP)?


PWT. He’s inferring it doesn’t play SACDS ? That’s how I read it !

Oh, you are correct.

@Clarity, according to A-gon, last one sold about two years ago for $1K.

Here is the reported sales history over the years:

Looking local or for one that requires a drive change will save you a lot of money. Changing out the disk drive is pretty minimal and can save 50% on the typical sale price. It is a great transport.