Perfectwave Transport Drive replacement

Can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement transport drive unit and adapter for my Perfectwave Memory player. My Perfectwave transport works well 7 plus years and going strong but it will eventually fail and I would like to have a replacement drive and converter unit. I thought I saw a link for the replacement drive and converter pieces on eBay but I would like to confirm the link is for the correct drive unit and converter piece. A link to purchase the appropriate replacement parts would be appreciated just to be safe for when my transport fails if it fails in the future.

I noticed the other day that there was a post with a link to parts on eBay but I cannot find the post. Just the same it would be nice to confirm the correct transport drive unit. Please send me the link for the drive on eBay or Amazon or elsewhere. In any case my PWT functions perfectly still going on 8 years. I don’t need the SACD player as I don’t have any SACD’s. I think my PWT is a keeper especially since I now am using an HDMI cable between it and my Directstream dac.

I found the link and purchased one.

The adapters are no longer available so I hope I’m okay. At least I purchased a replacement drive and I think my transport may have the adapter from the factory.

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Just in case you need an adapter to convert your SATA drive to IDE to interface to an older PWT.

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If your original drawer front is not bonded to tightly you should be able to remove it and use it on the Asus replacement drive so your PWT will look the same after the drive is replaced.

Thanks for the tips. I should be good for years with my good ‘ole PWT.

Do the display units ever burn out and if they do are they fixable or replaceable? I’m just wanting to cover all my bases in the long run. If the display should fade to unreadable what can be done?

As long as PS Audio keeps spare on hand you can easily change that and they are relatively inexpensive. Unless something physically damages the display I see no reason for it to fail! It is the same screen they use in the DAC and the P-10 as well as the DMP.

Very true, I’ve not heard anything about us running out of drives for the PWT.

Jamesh Do you mean you have plenty of display units, cd drive units or both? I was under the impression that the factory was out of cd drives for the PWT. In any case I have a spare cd drive unit coming just as insurance in case the drives become unavailable in the future. Good piece of mind for around $40 or so.

Yes I was told by PSAUDIO several years ago that they no longer carry replacement drives for PWT. I went same route as you and purchased backup from EBAY.

That’s not quite the full story. We have plenty of replacement drives and displays. However, we will not sell/ship them. We are more than happy to install a new drive at the factory if need be.

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Right, I remember that nonsense. You were going to charge a ridiculous base fee and then who knows what on top of that. Would you like to post those fees for all to know?

If I remember correctly it was a flat $250.
Why the attitude?


Just all the same in having a spare transport drive and converter piece in my possession is at least a piece of mind in that if the drive unit fails I have the pieces to fix my transport locally or even myself with direction. I think it well worth the few dollars just in case. It is possible that in a few years that PS Audio may not have the drive but I do have one.

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“Why the attitude?”

Why do you think? :roll_eyes:

They are unwilling to sell a replacement part to customers and instead will charge them an inflated “flat price” and who knows what else on top of that to install it themselves.

When PS Audio quotes a flat price, that is the price to repair/refurbish a unit, parts and labor included. There are no additional hidden charges. I do not know what they charge to service a PWT.

The alternative is, of course, to fix it yourself. Drives and adapters (if needed) are readily available. One can also hire a tech to gather the parts and do the work.

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It’s a flat $250. I’m not sure why you think there will be hidden additional fees. We are not that type of company. Any out of warranty repairs, we ask that the shipping is covered by the customer. This is discussed before the unit is shipped, no secrets here.

We do an overhaul of the unit as well so if it’s a bad power supply which can happen, we also swap that and don’t charge anything extra. Flat $250. Also, we provide a 1 year warranty with this as well. I don’t think I’m in the minority by thinking this is quite reasonable.

This is not some clever money making scheme for us. We used to sell the drives for people to install themselves but that became a disaster. We can’t warranty the repair if we don’t do it. Because of this, if the repair goes wrong, we are responsible and end up pickup up the tab in the end.


Makes sense James, thank you for clearing things up. I think I will just… :zipper_mouth_face:

If my Perfectwave Transport were to fail I would probably ship it back to the factory but I still feel better to get a spare transport.