What to feed a regenerator?

First post here, …
To start I don’t have to be sold on the benefits of regeneration (I’ll be receiving my P15 late next week)…
I do have dedicated lines and will incorporate a dedicated panel in the coming week or 3. (I will keep the dedicated lines on the same bus bar as well)
What I’d really like to know has anyone installed a Balanced or isolation transformer at the panel? What are the pros and cons and which if any would be better… There does not seem to be a lot of info on this topic that I could find. Is this because it’s a bad idea or just not many have done this?

Paul has commented before about NOT using an isolation transformer before a power plant.

Was there a reason? Seems regenerators improve upon incoming power. Just thinking if it’s better coming in the the better it’d be feeding components…
Just thinking along the lines of “octain boost” would be more beneficial to premium fuel rather than regular…

Higher Output impedance, it will restrict dynamics.

After reading this post it just dawned on me that I have been using a PS Audio Soloist to feed a P 10 for years. I wonder if the Soloist which is an in wall conditioner could be restricting things for my p 10. Anyone know?

Exactly. @Ron2112: according to Paul, the lowering of impedance is one of the key functions and benefits of the PS Audio PerfectWave regenerators. The interaction with connected components makes the various kit’s power supplies work less/work better. At least that’s my laymen’s recollection of an earlier discussion somewhere. For example: Paul on lowering impedance.


I’ve both used the Soloist SE with my P10 and my P10 directly plugged into a plainer outlet. I prefer the sound of the latter. . . .I’m not saying the Soloist “restricted” the P10 in any way, but there was a less clinical sound coming from the system without the Soloist, a bit more “body.”

Interesting thanks for that. I was afraid that might be the case. The Soloist is the link to my dedicated 20a circuit and so I will have to do some switching around to test this out. Bummer but I am glad it finally dawned on me after all this time :grimacing:

Paul says putting an isolation transformer before a regenerator increases the impedance of the line supplying the power to it.