What would I be gaining with M700s over my current amp?

I have the Nuforce STA200 ( class AB) matched to my BHK pre. Zu Omen def speakers. The Nuforce sounds wonderful but has a huge amount of gain (35 dB). I have a passive pre in the feed going into the STA200 to lower the tube hiss. With super sensitive speakers, I really need to match carefully. The BHK 250 is currently out of my reach and will be even more once PSA goes direct. I would like to eliminate the passive pre to clean my rack up a bit. Plus I can use my balanced connections.

Then a couple years later once we get some remodeling completed, I can revisit an amp purchase


Granted my Verity’s are only 93 db but when I had the BHK preamp hooked up to the STA-200 via SE I didn’t have any gain or tube hiss issues. The BHK gain is only 3db from the SE outputs. What you will gain is gobs of power you don’t really need but also over double the input sensitivity. Whether or not the trade-off works for you I don’t know. Another option is to try a pair of Rothwell or similar attenuators and see if you can knock the gain down even more from the BHK.

slam, for one thing

The issue is I have a high gain amp, 101db speakers and tubes in the preamp.

When I run my old amp that is around 28 dB gain ( old B&K) no hiss. If I go direct from Dac no noise. I hook up my old Polk speakers…same thing.

It’s just that I have 3 things working against me at once. I love my speakers and my Pre so changing the amp makes the most sense.

The Rothwells gave s harshness when so tried. The Schiit passive pre, everything sounds really smooth.

This is one of those things that…30 day trial, free shipping back and forth… nothing any of us can say has anything to do with hearing them in your system.

Betcha dollah you won’t send them back.

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I own the amp and the preamp so in your case the speakers must be the deciding factor. The M700’s will solve your amp issue with an Input Sensitivity of 1.6 volts. instead of .65 volts but going back to the 12 db gain from the Balanced outputs could put you in the same position again. Only way to know is to try it but to do that with a return policy involves list price at this point. Might want to try and find a used pair.

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I didn’t ! Where’s my Dollar (in USD please - no Canuck Bucks)…LOL :nerd_face:

Yes. The Benchmark AHB2 may be the best bet due to having adjustable gain settings

Well, to be fair, “list price” minus any potential trades you have.

It’s good to remember if you have old equipment available for trade you can get as much as 30% off the new products. Plus, it’s also good to remember we don’t ask for the trades up front.

So, the way it works is you tell us what you have in mind to trade, we reduce the price of the new product to match up front and then send you the amp (or whatever) to play with at home for a month. If it isn’t what you hoped for send it back
(we pay freight both ways) and we’re all good - and you are the wiser (because you tried it in
your system where it really matters).

Or, if you love it, just send in your trades and we’re good.

It’s pretty easy. You might want to just give our people a call and they can explain it to you (and they are not inflexible). :slight_smile: