What would you like to hear for the next Octave records album? [POLL]

  • Jazz Trio (instrumental)
  • Solo voice
  • 5 piece rock/pop/folk/country band (includes voice(s))
  • Solo voice and solo instrument
  • Other(put in comments)
  • Orchestra
  • Solo instrument
  • Full Jazz band (includes voice(s))

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Jazz trio please :slight_smile:

Pink Floyd please. Oh wait.


Mahler 8 please.

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Voted for the full jazz band and vocals, but the jazz trio or the rock/pop/folk/country band are right there as well.

A perfect choice, once you put up the production costs.


What matter money when you have the opportunity to demonstrate imaging of several hundred performers. Oh to be able to pinpoint Auntie Rita in the third row of the second choir, 4 in from the right. Personally, I consider imaging largely to be an audiophile fiction, because in live performance placement is primarily a visual sensation, not an aural one.

That’s right…live we rather have the feeling to hear the concert hall than the orchestra‘s layering.

Sting and Grace Potter Unplugged: no electric instruments. I think they are both involved in the sound mastering side of things, so it might be worth a couple phone calls to tell them what you have going on.



Fusion or Smooth Jazz, like Lee Ritenour, Bob James, Earl Klugh, etc.

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Some chamber music would be nice. Orchestral is good, but as Elk pointed out the cost is high, plus they won’t fit in the Octave studio! There’s lots of the other options on audiophile albums, chamber music not so much.


A piano trio would be wonderful (piano, violin, 'cello).


Metal! Or prog rock


Jazz trio please. It would be nice also to include a pic of the studio setup including mic placement for reference


Vibes or Marimba are my favorites which may match the financial capabilities of small labels when solo performances are in focus.

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We should probably try to get this to 100 votes to get a good sample size…what do you guys think?

Tony Bennett

I think Linn has got that market covered. The latest one was very minimalist and really enjoyable.

Personally, whatever, the next one is, I would like to hear something with some dynamic range. Mahler 8 may be going too far. Perhaps Shostakovich. If not No. 7, the piano trio no. 2.

Well I’m not sure but you’re right, half of the dynamic range of vinyl would have probably easily sufficed for the releases so far :wink:

Fairly closely mic’d chamber music exhibits a remarkable dynamic range.

The Shostakovich is too hard core for this project; we need music which appeals to a broad audience. Few would get through the first movement. Plus, a new recording of the Piano Trio No. 2 would compete with the dozen plus excellent performances already available.

It is a remarkable piece of music, haunting, sober. I suggest listening to the beginning if only for the technically difficult, highly effective 'cello line comprised solely of harmonics.