What's best format to use for disc playback on DMP

After reading this thread for a while now I finally picked up a DMP to pair up with my DSD. My standard playback source has been my PC base music server with Audio Optimizer, Jplay and bughead Emperor with ~ 2TB’s of Flac and ALAC files; mostly redbook CD’s and some HD files.

Now I’m exploring how to preserve my favorite playlist selections that cuts across albums and artists by burning them back to CD’s or DVD’s for playback on DMP. I recognize the USB stick can be a quick option for this, but also notice from this and other threads that USB playback is slightly less refine than disc playback on DMP.

So I plan to burn my favorite playlist back on to diss but the delima is in what format?!? .Wav, .Flac, .Alac or straight up as CD tracks onto CD or DVD discs? I would prefer DVD disc as that would allow me to have larger selection on each disc and also what kind of DVD disc is optimal or is there any differences? DVD-R, DVD-ROM, etc.

Inquiring minds want to know…

Hoping you DMP veterans on this thread can share some insight and save me a lot of time burning and testing to figure this out; THANKS!!


If you use higher resolution files I think you’ll have better luck with .wav or CD tracks. I don’t know why DVD’s wouldn’t work fine, but test a few before you invest a lot of time with them.


While discs burnt as redbook-compatible CDs have much less storage room, you gain:

1 - Gapless track transitions
2 - CD-text display
3 - The ability to add artwork on My Playlist
4 - The ability to see track titles in the DMP’s track navigation tool
5 - The ability to play the disc elsewhere

As soon as you move to any DVD format, you lose much of this, though well-named files can help with navigation and gapless is available if you burn your discs as DVD-As. You might also consider adding the Bridge II to your DSD. With such a large library, the Bridge would be significantly more convenient to use than burning dozens and dozens of discs.

Thanks Ted and Peanut Butter for sharing your insights on this. I’m not sure about all the limitations Peanut Butter mentioned with DVD, so I’ll do one test case and see.

If I need, I don’t mind burning a few dozen cds if that’s the best quality. I’ve held back from investing in the bridgeII cause I’ve heard about the new music server product PS Audio is working on and I’m hoping will come out this year. If it works as well as the direct stream family of products, I like that to be my final music source solution.

I’ve been burning wave files from my music library to DVD for playback on the DMP. That works well enough and allows me to have portions of my playlist with ~100 songs at a time vs just 20 on a CD.

Now I’m wondering if anyone has use DL DVD disc with DMP as the double layer disc can store 8.5 GB which would be about 200 songs at a time uncompressed.

Inquiring minds want to know…


Paul has said they are working on improving this feature in the new DMP software. Before you go to the effort of burning your playlist on to DVD, it might be worthwhile waiting until the new DMP software comes, then you can just copy and paste all your content onto a thumb drive.

Thanks that great to know.

I’ve tried playback with thumb drive on the DMP before and I felt the sound quality from disc playback was more refine.

Do you know if the new software will make the sound quality on par with disc playback on the DMP?

What we (i.e. end-users) have learned over the years, with software it’s always a matter of “wait and see”.