NAS vs USB Thumbdrive

So after reading Paul’s comment on CD transport, I decided to try USB drive into
the DMP. I have a NAS connect through the Bridge into my DSj, it’s convenient
but it’s not better than a physical disc. I listen to SACDs a lot and I have a lot of
DSF files. I copied one album onto a 4GB USB drive, it took up 2.79GB. Plugged
it into the DMP, no issue reading and even track titles were displayed. But it
sounded much much better than the NAS. Quieter, more musical. I will try and
compare USB drive vs SACD later, wonder which one will win.
BTW, I use I2S between DMP and DSj


On my “Budget” setup (PS Audio Stellar Stack with Sony true DSD playback (via UBP-X1000ES & STR-DN1080). I too notice a difference when streaming local files via the Stellar DAC/Preamp. I believe the fault in my system lies within the USB chain and my Music Server/HTPC’s Motherboard not my SGCD/Preamp. However I cannot discern any difference between DSD playback of an SACD versus it’s counterpart 2.8MHz .dff file.

I don’t play any DSD files via my PC’s USB link and all my 16Bit/44.1kHz PCM file (and 320mbps files/sometime 128AAC (ugh) are streamed (cast) from the PC to the Sony X1000 then played back throught the SGCD via a standard quad shield RG-6 cable. For CD’s and their equivalent FLAC/WAV files. This gives me the best results for those formats in my current rig.

There is a method to the madness.