Ripping DSD to DVD for PST playback

Is it possible to burn DSD 128 or 256 files onto a DVD and play them back on the PST? If so, what software would I need and are there any special settings that will enable the PST to recognize and play the disc? Most of my listening is to FLAC and DSD 64 via the Bridge in my DS Mk I. But I do own a few high-rate DSD files and would like to try them on my PST.

This is a good point. I am posting to keep this topic current.
I am also interested in Burning DSD files onto DVD. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I use a free download to burn DSD and AIFF files into DVDs. Depending on the size, DSD128 may be able to burn into one DVD disc, but DSD256 will take two DVDs to contain a typical album. Two AIFF 96/24 files can burn into one DVD most of the time.

If PST sounds better than your streamer in your system, then the DVD will more than likely sound better playing through PST than streaming.

Also, I suggest using DVD+R instead of DVD-R. DVD-RW does not sound as good as DVD+R either.

Thank you – this is very helpful! I just downloaded ImgBurn and will check back if I encounter any problems. Thanks also to Joe for keeping the thread going.

I don’t stream (in the sense of using Tidal or whatever). Most of my listening is to digital files on a NAS played through Bridge II, which supports only DSD64. Last summer I replaced my DMP with a PST, and recently tweaked the latter with a better HDMI cable and a SR Purple fuse. CDs and particularly SACDs now sound better than my networked files. So I thought I would play with higher-rate DSD while I wait (impatiently) for the AirLens.

DVDs playing through PST should sound a lot better in your case. Good luck on burning!

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One other question for anyone who burns CDs or DVDs to use in the PST: I know it’s better to use a Sharpie or similar (with light pressure) instead of a pen or pencil to label the disc. What about the printable, stick-on labels? Do these get caught in the PST mechanism (even if applied carefully)? I’d like something neater than my handwriting, but not at the risk of stuck discs. Any other labeling suggestions?

I cannot help you there, but my daughter did it for me some time ago. Now I just use a sharpie since she does not live at home anymore :man_shrugging:

I made a disc with three files.
One at DSD 64, one at DSD128 and one at DSD 256.
My PST plays the 64 and 128 fine.
It won’t even attempt to play the 256.

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I don’t remember if I ever burned a DSD256 because it occupied too much room. You could be right, and I might try it one day.

Are you using a DS DAC Sr.? That’s what I have. My recollection is that the DAC will play DSD256 if the latest firmware is installed and you play over I2S (and, of course, my memory may be wrong). But it could be a DAC issue not the PST. Or did the PST just reject the 256 disc completely?

I do have a DSD senior but in this case it is not a factor.
On the disc I made, the 256 file just happened to be track number two.
The PST just goes to track three after playing track one.

Of course, there could be a problem with the disc, so it will be good if someone else could do the experiment.

Each digital output/input have a limit- thus you will need to check capability of transport, digital method, and dac.

For instance, for Directstream (sr) DAC, the AES will only accept up to dsd128. Your transport may only output dsd128 on AES.

One reason why most folks will build a server with USB digital output- because it can output high resolution (*up to dsd1024 if needed, and allowed by the driver). Whether the DAC can handle it - that’s another matter.

IF you are using PST transport and Directream DAC- use I2S output and see if the 256 file plays (liek what @magister said).

I paid a little extra and got the 256 DSD version of a Bill Evans album from high definition tape transfers.

I was only able to fit five of the 8 tracks onto a DVD.
My PST loaded the disc and everything seemed normal.
But when I pressed play, the display counted in sequence1,2,3,4,5 in less than a second.
Then the display went back to 1 as if nothing happened.

Unless I’m burning the DVD incorrectly it would appear that the PST cannot play a disc with a 256 file.

And for the record, I am using I2S into a Direct Stream dec.

Thanks for reporting the results of your test. I just now confirmed that my memory is correct; the DS DAC can indeed play DSD 256 when Sunlight is installed and the I2S inputs are used. (See here). So it looks like there is an issue with the PST. Today I picked up a spindle of DVD+R discs. Over the weekend I will do some testing myself and report back.

Edit: I just looked at the manual for the PST. The specifications on page 23, under “File Format,” say that the PST supports DSD (~5.6MHz) — which is DSD 128. So no 256. Should have read the manual sooner . . .

I bought this 256 version mostly to prove that the PST can’t play it.
Fully expecting that the 128 version would be readily available.
However it seems that this title does not offer all the lower resolutions files when you buy the most expensive version.
I just assumed that that policy applied to all titles.
I have twice explained what happened on the “contact us” link but HDTT have not yet responded after 2 weeks.

I made this mistake as well (grabbing the DSD256 version when needing the DSD128). I found they responded quickly via the website’s chat feature instead of an email. Via the chat, I was sent a link for the DSD128 version.