What's your most valuable/interesting vinyl record?

Just listening to a good candidate…near mint copies currently offered on Discogs between 400-800$

Unauthorized usual high quality vinyl release, pulled back after short time.


My most valuable record if you factor in that it’s a single is this one. I bought it Mint off a Discogs seller over 2 years ago, absolutely MUST have been one of the last Mint copies in existence. These were all bought by DJ’s and to find a half decent copy is almost impossible as they’ve been scratched to hell. I paid £101 for it, I HAD to have it and was willing to pay anything, but as it’s Mint it was actually quite a good deal. It’s now listing for £195 but the last 2 highest copies were listed as VG+

Above & Beyond presents Oceanlab - On A Good Day (with the Daniel Kandi mix)



I’ve got the original Mobile Fidelity Beatles collection. I bought it in 1982 or 83, I think. Not sure how much it’s worth, but considering that’s the only vinyl I own, I guess it qualifies.

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A gift from my father. Introduced me to jazz guitar. It lit a light in me that will never go out.


UHQR Jimi Hendrix Axis: Bold As Love (still sealed)
Mono #303 $650/Stereo #276 $400
(would be willing to part with one if anyone is interested, but not both - US Only)

I was fortunate enough to have bought the Classic Records Led Zeppelin LPs when they were new and they all sell for several hundred dollars each today.

I started collecting vinyl much later than CDs. Some interesting collection that costed me are CDs. This one was known for wham and slam. It reminds me of my earlier hi-fi days, I used to play it loud on ATC SCM 20. This is still one of my test CDs.

This Chico Freeman Spirit Sensitive 1988 release was hard to find. One of my favorite Chico Freeman CD.

As of vinyl, I felt very lucky located and collected these two records, both are in great condition.


Where do we start… does a complete collection of Eero Koivistoinen LP first releases count for anything?

Got a fairly decent record collection but two are very dear to me even if not crazy high in monetary terms. First, the Singaporean Vertigo release of Affinity with that strange tiny swirl label, and second, the first Astor release of Momento by Bakery in as good a condition as a record nearly fifty years of age can be.

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Mono, Promo, 1967 Reprise R6261
Near Mint. Original owner.


3XLP Mosaic MRLP3005


I have one of these, although not in great shape. I used to play it a lot in the 70s and 80s. I’m assuming it is still worth something, but I’ve never really tried to find out.


Another one of my personal favorites although only the 9th most valuable according to Discogs, is a first press of Above & Beyonds first Acoustic album from 2014.

Above & Beyond are my favorite Trance DJ’s, they do some amazing stuff. This album was a reworking of their big trance hits into orchestral, jazzy, bluesy, big band style pieces. It’s quite frankly a work of art.

The original gig in which they made the recording was held at a tiny venue in London called Porchester Hall with about 50 people in the audience. I only just missed out on tickets to it.

They had no idea how it would be received by fans, and released a handful of pressings in 2014 of which this is one.

This now sells for around £250 which is just insane. They did eventually repress it in 2018 but again, fairly low numbers, but I bought a backup copy of that one also.

They’re now working on their 3rd Acoustic album, the second of which the live concert was held at the Hollywood Bowl to a sold out crowd of 17,500 people!

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Having recently sold off most of my LP collection (thanks to all the buyers on this site…@terzinator and others). I have discovered that Audiophile LPs are a very good investment! A nice low 5 figure haul for 175 or so records. It was a major amount of work to sell them however. Fun work, but still a process. Most proceeds went towards upgrading my system of-course. Ironically, I still have 220 records to go but I’m expecting between $1 and $2 per record for the ordinary stuff. Going to take what I get and be done.


One of my best LPs is David Benoit’s “This Side Up” that was recorded at the old Ocean Way Studio and is the best piano LP I own. Fully dynamic and clear as a bell. This is what all LPs should should like, but sadly don’t.

This is one that should be repressed QRP.

you better send me a list of the ordinary stuff!


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