Where can I buy the S300 speaker terminals?

Hey there everyone (actually, I wanted to post in the “ask the experts” area, but… where is it?)

I’m overhauling some old speakers and wanted to change out the speaker terminals to the same as the kick ass ones on my Stellar S300. They doooo look the same as WBT speaker terminals. But, I dunno.

Much love to y’all

Ask the Experts is gone as it was too difficult to find information in it, and we received bitter, scalding complaints if someone from PS Audio did not instantly answer.

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Check Parts Connexion

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You can try our service guys. service@psaudio.com We might have a rule about not selling them, but I’m sure it’d be OK if we let a few sneak out the door. :smile:


Thanks for the replies Jamesh, Dawkinsj and Elk!
Sucks about the ask the experts section, but hey, I got good answers here too.
Will email them and ask about it then.