Where can I get recording from Octave Studios?

I had the pleasure of touring PS Audio last year and was very impressed with the people (everyone was warm and inviting) and the facility. I was surprised by the Octave Studio and had the honor of meeting Gus during one of his mixing sessions. He played a track of an Artist he had recently recorded and my wife and I swear he was there in the room with us!

I have been waiting to get access to these recording but have no clue (and I am a Tech guy) of where to get these and future recordings. Please provide guidance!


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Thanks, for asking. Our first release, Out of Thin Air, by pianist Don Grusin, will be announced and available in June. Stay tuned.



Thank you for the prompt response. I will be keeping my eyes open for the announcement and very interested to hear how it sounds via my DirectStream DAC.

Also looking forward to the announcement / availability of the FR30’s, as I have hear the AN3 prototype on my visit and was very impressed with the clarity and range of the sounds. I would be happy to beta test them if you are looking for volunteers!!!


Is the same as Dave Gruisin music composer GRP labels Mountain Dance ,Migration, Live At The
Budokan, and motion picture theme music composer ?

Just wondering

Don is Dave Grusin’s brother. I have a couple of his CD’s and he is very good!

Thank you mdiaz…I wondered about that or even if a misspelling…I have several of
Dave Gruisin’s cds and enjoy them all. He is quite a prolific composer.

Does Don follow in his dad’s musical genre of music?

Don Grusin is Dave’s Younger brother not his son. His musical style is similar to his brother’s.

Oops really missed that…Don’s music oughta be good then…I’ll have to look Don up and see what
I find

thank you!

Piano can be a good demonstration of dynamics if the music makes use of it. But more important than audiophile demonstration effects is that it gets a great Grusin album.

Hey jazznut…

found this on you tube Don and Dave Gruisin together piano duet Road Town…

Have look n’ listen

Cool, yes, it could get a great album!
And regarding sound/tonality it’s hard to get all facets of a piano near perfect in a recording…I’m really keen to hear that first one!

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No recording and system can accurately reproduce any acoustic instrument.


Unfortunately true …but can still can replicate a very enjoyable
home listening experience…

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Right! We just can get more or less close :wink:

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and enjoy hunting for gear to more or less accomplish this “impossible dream”
it sure is fun to so dream…


I continue to enjoy the singing pig. He does not sound like an actual instrument, but it is incredible he can sing.

Never hear of this Mr. Pig the singer…broadway maybe?

Oh no… a youtuber wanna be…

Well found.

He is Dave Grusin’s brother. Both amazing pianists.

Appreciate your reply Paul …

Thank you sir!