Where do you hook-up subwoofers if you are using the DSD dac without a preamp?

I’m wondering if subwoofers can be used with only the DSD dac & M700 amps.

Save up and buy two of best pre-loved (used) RELs you can afford:

See here for connection options:



What subs? Do you have high level inputs?
See above. Lots of RELs out there used

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My apologies for not stating that I already have a pair of REL T-9i that are hooked up to the 700s but since I went from DSD dac to amps there is no subwoofer sound. Am I doing something wrong?

Can you rephrase this?

Not sure what has actually changed…

Regardless, the advice remains the same – follow REL’s instructions for hooking up the subwoofers from your amps.

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What I meant to say is that I am running the DSD Dac directly into the amps. I have been working in recalibrating then subs. I don’t think I will the preamp.

If you are running the REL’s speaker level from the 700’s just as you were before then make sure you haven’t lost a connection or ground point when moving things around. With that type of connection replacing a preamp with the DSD shouldn’t have changed anything.

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Thank you !