Best input options - how is USB out from tablet/phone (better than aptx)?

Hi - with some wireless aptx issues (only getting SBC on nexus 9 - see other post) was considering just using a micro usb out on my tablet and connecting it to the usb-b digital input on the sprout. With fully digital, lossless sources, would this be a great way to get the best audio connection setup with the sprout? How does this compare to the other wireless options (see other post - e.g., chromecast audio direct send w/toslink + digital coax converter vs. stereo out).

All advice appreciated – just learning as much as possible!



Note: I have lots of potential setups and apps/dongles for work on media stuff in the software + hardware space.

– Sprout

– Totem Rokks

– Rega RP3

– Chromecast Audio

– USB wires galore

– Toslink + optical to digital coax converter

– Nexus 9

– iPad

– Moto X (2nd edition)

– iPhone 6