Which Cover Album are You Spinning Right Now?



Really good album of Radiohead covers


“Spotify Singles” by Yo La Tengo contains a rip-roaring feedback-drenched version of Neil Young’s “Time Fades Away.”


Double-posting this awesome OOP CD in the Zappa and Cover Album threads …



Ooo, I bet I’ll like this one. I haven’t worked Fridays for nearly a decade but I’ve got 10 years to retirement, too soon to start counting?


? ? ?


Sorry, I didn’t complete the thought…More time to listen to all these awesome suggestions.


Nice find on Qobuz, definitely worth listening


Alice Cooper was not born to sing Pink Floyd tunes, but I must admit that the sound quality on this is excellent.




This Dutch band recently made furore with their Beatles ‘White Album’ tour in Liverpool, no sampling, only using a great stack original instruments.


Funny you posted this. Made me think of one of my favorite concerts: Cheap Trick performed Sgt Pepper’s at the Paris Hotel in Vegas. Geoff Emerick produced the show and worked the mixing board. The auditorium holds maybe 4,000 and there were no more than 400 people in attendance. There was a huge orchestra on a platform above the main stage. They played the whole record then ended with other Beatles songs from that era. The show was magical! My wife and I cried throughout.

I’m not one for autographs but did get Geoff Emerick’s on the playbill. We saw opening night, completely by accident, the show closed quickly after that.


Great story, thanks for sharing. What year was the show?


It was 6 years ago or so. It was so much fun. Cheap Trick throws guitar picks into the audience. With so few people in attendance, we got a pick that we display, along with others, on a Beatles picture in the house. Such a great show.


Sultans of Swing, not just another street musician :wave:


Agreed. Jan. 2016, What is the kid doing now?




This such an incredible version of the Allman Brothers’ classic that I am tempted to say I like it better than the original!

Image result for sharon jones midnight rider


Enjoying track 3 and 4 so far