Which Cover Album are You Spinning Right Now?



I really like this album - Big Shoes, all covers.
His rendition of A Hard Rains A-gonna Fall is one of the best I’ve heard.






I like their confidence.



Are there any blues that aren’t covers


Sure, one need only turn to the original writer/performer such as Robert Johnson, Lead Belly, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lee Hooker, BB. King, etc.

There are also plenty of contemporary blues musicians who are writing original material.


I forgot to add ‘rhetorical’ - I guess I meant the spirit of the blues not the literal individual songs, and yes I realize I didn’t say this; now I have.


Plenty of new themes, approaches, topics, spirit as well.

On the other hand, if by “spirit” you mean expressions of discontent, hard life, sex, etc. the blues are very new and a mere blip. One needs to go back thousands of years to get to the originals.