Are DSD 256 readable by the DS?



I’ve bought on NativeDSD some DSD256 files and I’m wondering if it is a mistake or not. While trying to play them on the DS with JRiver 20, the files are mentioned as “1,4Mhz 64bits 2ch” and JRiver ask me to convert them into 176Kz bitrate before playing.

The files are on a NAS and even converted I can’t play them without interruption because of the buffering time which cause some blank periods.

Is there an option to tweak in JRiver to read these files without conversion ?

I’m using the PSAudio ASIO Driver.



The DS will play single (DSD64) or double rate (DSD128) files over USB or I2S but cannot handle quad-rate DSD. I’m not sure what your other options in JRiver might be (e.g., whether they can be down-sampled to DSD128) but you won’t be able to play the files natively.


Thanks Stevem, I asked to NativeDSD support team to get the DSD double rate in replacement. I hope I’ll not have to pay again for my mistake :(